Need a new hair regimen?
Need a new hair regimen?

20 Modern and Classic Ways to Style a Long Pixie Cut

A.K.A. 20 bold and beautiful reasons why you should cut off all your hair.

The long pixie cut (or any pixie haircut) is certainly not for the faint of heart. This cropped style is bold and attention-grabbing and it simply oozes confidence. The transition from long hair to a pixie cut can be freeing and a little scary. Many women who have traded longer locks in favor of the long pixie haircut have been known to talk about the freedom that comes with wearing such a short and carefree style. Not to mention cutting most of your hair off will cut your styling routine time in half too!

We’ve rounded up a range of pixie styles, and whether you’re looking for something slightly overgrown to what would almost be considered a short bob, we’ve found 20 long pixie cuts you’ll want to consider. Read on:

1. Cropped White Pixie

long pixie haircut white hair
Proof that it’s never too late to make a hair statement with a long pixie cut.

We’re easing into this list with a cropped white pixie that makes a bold statement while still remaining classy. Always remember, you can make a hair statement at any age, and we’re big fans of how the cropped pixie looks on white hair.

Need a new hair regimen?

2. White Blonde Bangs

long pixie haircut white blonde bangs
Combine bangs with a slightly long pixie haircut.

If you’re worried about whether or not a pixie cut will flatter you then consider including a feathered fringe in your look. This face-framing addition is an always flattering option. These bangs can also be swept straight to create a forward look when looking to switch up your look a bit.

3. Wavy Volume Long Pixie Cut

long pixie haircut wavy volume brunette
Create this long pixie style in well under five minutes.

We mentioned that you’ll cut your styling routine (at least) in half, but we think you’ll be amazed by how quickly you can get your hair done. Use a hair straightener to create soft waves for an extra voluminous look. Just don’t forget to protect your strands!

4. Play With Color on the Long Pixie Cut

long pixie haircut volumized dyed
Pair volume with bold color.

If you’re ready to make two bold changes at once, then you should consider dyeing your hair at the same time you cut it. A pinkish silvery hue will make a major statement especially if you are looking for a unique take on blonde hair.

5. Styled Pixie

long pixie haircut styled brunette
Try one of these streamlined long pixie haircuts.

Give your pixie a little bit of volume and shine by styling it with product. We recommend the Nexxus Weightless Style Shape & Define Multi-Styler. This product is designed to give short hair a boost of shine and to help even out the strands of your hair as your hair grows out!

6. The Almost Bob

long pixie haircut silver almost bob
We like to think of this as ‘The Very Long Pixie’ and it’s one of our favorite longer pixie cuts.

If you’re worried about taking the leap straight into a full pixie, then consider this much longer pixie that’s almost a bob. Wear you almost-bob with a platinum silver color for the ultimate pop of color that looks beautiful regardless of the season.

7. The Bowlcut

long pixie haircut brunette shag
Throw it back with one of the old-school long pixie hairstyles.

The old-school shaggy bowl cut will help you nail a high-fashion look and enable you to make a major throwback statement.  Keep some length in your hair by wearing your bowl cut low, stopping right above your eyes in the bangs area.

8. All Grown Out

long pixie haircut red grown out
Keep it in line with your jaw.

This is another option if you want to take it slow and aim for an easy transition into the pixie life. The side bang is key to perfecting this look. However, on days when you don’t want your hair in your face, this style also looks sleek in the middle part.

9. Technicolor

long pixie haircut pink silver
Make triple the statement.

It doesn’t get any cooler than this silver-pink style. With colors so intricate, it is important to preserve your hair color. Use Nexxus Color Assure Long Lasting Vibrancy Deep Moisture Masque once a week or every other week to help keep your hair color looking vibrant and fresh over time.

10. A Natural Look

long pixie haircut natural curls
Rock your natural curls in a long pixie.

Embracing your natural texture? That doesn’t mean you can’t rock a pixie. This style looks beautiful in a halo of natural curls. If you are in transitionary period with your natural hair,  then this is a great style to wear when styling a TWA.

11. Messy Long Pixie Cut

long pixie haircut messy silver
Run your fingers through your hair and go.

As far as styling goes, it doesn’t really get any easier than this. We’ve spoken about the ease of styling a pixie, but this is by far the easiest of all. Just run your fingers through your hair and go.

12. Side Bangs

long pixie haircut messy bangs brunette
Try swooped bangs across your forehead.

Ask your stylist for side bangs at the same time you go in for your pixie cut to make double the statement. the beauty of side bangs is that they can also be swept back and bobby pinned down or gelled back to help you create a variety of looks with you style. You can also accessorize with cute clips from time to time.

14. Layered Pixie

long pixie haircut layered brunette
Add more layers for more volume.

If you’re looking for a way to thicken up hair that’s on the thinner then this is the style for you. Add layers of layers for more volume and the illusion of thicker strands. If you want to further the appearance of voluminous hair, then we recommend using the Suave Thick Look Thickening Cream.

15. Gelled Up Long Pixie Cut

long pixie haircut gelled up blonde
Say goodbye to gravity (in the best way) with this longer pixie cut.

Spike up your strands with a stronghold gel.  One of the best parts about wearing your hair this short is being able to embrace bold gravity-defying styles. Our favorite stronghold gel at the moment is TRESemmé Extra Hold Hair Gel

16. The Female Fade

long pixie haircut female fade
Yeah, it’s a thing.

Longer on the top and shorter on the sides? We’re calling it the female fade and we’re huge fans of this look! This a great pixie cut look for those looking to revamp flat. Create an illusion of volume with a slicked-up bangs.

17. Multi-Colored Long Pixie Cut

long pixie haircut blonde brunette
Play with color for a pixie cut long style risk.

Add some dimension to your pixie by playing with color and layering different shades. For example, the top of your pixie cut can feature hues of blonde while the bottom portion your pixie cut can feature darker shades of brunette.

18. Bleach Blonde Babe Long Pixie Cut

long pixie haircut bleach blonde bangs
Try an iconic bleach blonde color.

If you love vintage looks or the old Hollywood glamour aesthetic then add some nostalgia into your life with this look. This light, light shade of bleach blonde hair is highly reminiscent of Old Hollywood red carpet glam.

19. All Brushed Back

long pixie haircut bleach blonde all brushed back
The sleekest look of all the longer pixie haircuts.

Shorter styles can sometimes be a little frustrating when your strands start to fall across your forehead and into your line of vision. Style your pixie in a sleek brushed-back style for instant edge and all-day comfort.

20. Cropped and Cute Long Pixie Cut

long pixie haircut asian woman
Keep it short and sweet.

Go all in with a slightly long pixie that lets your face shape truly shine. The key to a great look when it comes to this style is textured layers. You can even add some extra edge to this look with shaved sides!

Looking for more pixie styles to try? Check out the platinum pixie cut

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