Short Teenie Weenie Afro Hairstyles

10 Ways to Embrace Your TWA (Teenie Weenie Afro)

Never look back!

Are you looking for ways to wear your teenie weenie afro outside of protective styling and hair extensions? Here are 10 TWA afro ideas that are cute, manageable, and easy to accomplish on your own. 

If you’ve recently big-chopped your hair or finally transitioned your hair from relaxed to natural, chances are you now have a TWA aka the teenie Weenie Afro. When you first approach having a teenie Weenie Afro it may be difficult to navigate styling your hair in a large variety of hairstyles. Perhaps you don’t feel as comfortable in your new look.

10 Ways to Embrace Your TWA (Teenie Weenie Afro)

Below are 10 ways to help you fully embrace your new and flourishing TWA.

1. Colorful Teenie Weenie Afro Top 

Woman with short colorful Afro
A colorful afro top is chic and a good way to track growth. Photo by Gemma Chua-Tran

A fun way to embrace your TWA is to add a fun color to the top part of your fro. As your afro continues to grow, this is also a great way to keep track of hair growth, as your roots will continue to grow without the color. When maintaining the color in your hair, try using SheaMoisture Purple Rice Water Strength & Color Care Shampoo. 

2. TWA Twist Out  

Teenie Weenie Afro Woman in Twist Out
Twists out look great on a variety of afro lengths. Photo by patricioshotit

Twist-outs are a style that looks amazing regardless of your hair length and afro hair texture. The style looks especially great on the teenie weenie afro. To accomplish a gorgeous coily look, twist your hair out the day/night before, and unravel it when it’s time for you to go out. Try using Emerge Style Goals Gel for more ease when twisting hair. 

3. Teenie Weenie Afro Bangs 

Woman with afro bangs
Afro bangs are the cutest for daily wear. Photo by Jakayla Toney

Rather than wearing your fro completely up, let loose and pick the front section of your TWA to the front of your face creating a bang style. This is a cute and trendy look that is perfect for daily wear. 

4. Faded Buzz Cut with Curly Top 

Black woman with faded hair cut
This style is also a great way to wear twist and braid-outs. Photo by Cassandra Hamer

If you are feeling bold with your teenie weenie afro, then embrace it by cutting the sides of your hair and leaving your TWA at the top. This style is also a great way to rock the twist-out or braid-out style. It is also a beautiful way to bring attention to your gorgeous face shape & structure. 

5. Full on Buzz Cut 

Post Big Chop Teenie Weenie Afro
Start fresh with a buzz cut. Photo by Nubelson Fernandes

If you’re feeling brave, then take it up a notch, and completely start your teenie weenie afro journey again with a full-on buzz cut. If you’re having trouble with your transitioned TWA, then shaving your hair off will allow you to be part of your hair growth journey from the very start. In this way, you will learn to love your hair and style it as you watch it grow. To help promote healthy hair growth, try using Suave Professionals Castor Oil & Mango Butter for Natural Hair and Scalp Oil.

6. Embrace your Teenie Afro for Formal Events

Natural Hair for formal events
Glamorize your TWA look with elegant accessories. Photo by Cassandra Hamer

For several naturalistas, it is an instinct to cover up your natural hair with extensions. If this is you, challenge yourself by rocking your TWA the next time you dress up. Cute accessories such as elegant headbands, bold earrings, and soft glam makeup, go a long way in complementing your teenie weenie afro when dressing it up. 

7. Flower Crowns on your TWA

Black Girl with Flower Crown
Wear cute flower crowns to accessorize your TWA. Photo by Autumn Goodman

Speaking of dressing up your fro, try wearing cute flower crowns to accessorize your teenie Weenie Afro. This is a beautiful style for a variety of events during the summer season. Not to mention, it will add a chic look to your teenie weenie afro.

8. Mini Afro Puffs 

Two mini afro puffs
Mini afro puffs are great for a casual day out. Photo by Jabari Timothy

Style your TWA in mini afro puffs for a casual day out. To achieve this style, split your hair into two sections, and use large stretchy bands to hold each section of your hair together. For a neat hold, and sleek edges, use SheaMoisture’s Papaya & Neroli All Day Frizz Control Styling Gel.  

9. Defined Teenie Weenie Afro Curls 

Defined Curls on Afro Hair
For looser curl patterns, this is a good option to try. Photo by Jackson David

For naturalistas with looser curl patterns, a great way to embrace your TWA is by defining your curls. Use a hair gel such as The Good Stuff Curl Definition Jelly to help accomplish gorgeously defined curls. 

10. Rest your TWA with a Scarf 

Black Woman Scarf Natural Hair Protection
For days when your hair needs rest, wrap it in a scarf. Photo by Krystal Dixon

If you’re having a day where your TWA needs a break from styling, then tie it up in a gorgeous-looking scarf that can be worn out and about. The beauty of having a teenie weenie afro is that it is easy to throw scarves and hats over it when needed without the extra tucking sway of your hair. A chic way to style a scarf is to leave the front part of your fro out or leave your edges out.

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