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9 Unique Bright Hair Colours for Afro Hair

This is a big deal, and you're going to make a statement.

Looking for bright hair colours for your afro hair type? You landed on the right page! The hair color you choose is going to be with you for a while, so let it be a color that you absolutely love and adore on yourself. You may choose to dye your afro with neutral-looking tones or colors. Perhaps, you may choose to dye your fro a bold and out-of-the-box color.

Super Cool Bright Hair Colours for Your Afro

Whatever your forte is, we have afro hair color inspiration for you! Here are nine gorgeous colors you can dye your afro hair from a range of neutral to bold colors.

1. Ginger Red Afro  

Black Girl with ginger red afro
Ginger red is the perfect intersection between bold and neutral. Photo by Joecalih

Your ginger red afro is bound to give major superhero vibes. This is the perfect color for anyone who is torn between trying a bold hairstyle or sticking to neutral tones. It is like the best of both worlds. When maintaining red hair use TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Color Shampoo and Conditioner to help preserve color. 

2. Chocolate Colored Afro 

Black Girl with Bright Brown Hair
Chocolate brown is the unique alternative to darker brown. Photo by Zac Wolff

A unique yet neutral color to dye your fro is chocolate brown. This shade of brown especially compliments darker skin tones. For some dark skin tones, this hair color may even create a cool monochromatic effect. 

 3. Bright hair colours: Blonde, Red and Orange Streaks 

Afro with multicolored highlights
Multi-colored streaks are a gorgeous neutral style. Photo by Kevin Domfeh

If you want to add some color in your afro but you don’t want to fully commit, then highlights are the way to go. This blonde, red, and orange combination is a stunning look that will look especially great when your natural hair is styled. For example with defined curls or twisted out hair. When working to accomplish these hairstyles, use SheaMoisture Papaya & Neroli All Day Frizz Control Styling Gel to help soften and loosen your curls for definition. 

 4Bright Blonde Afro 

Woman Bright Blonde Afro
Do blondes have more fun? Try this style to find out. Photo by Cortney White

Perhaps it’s true…blondes do have more fun! This is the perfect afro color especially for warmer seasons is blonde. If bright blonde isn’t actually your thing, you can try toning your blonde hair, or getting an ombre effect so your roots are darker. Blonde highlights or streaks are also a beautiful option. 

 5Aqua Blue Afro 

Girl with aqua blue afro hair
This blue afro is fun & exciting! Photo by Shawn Fields

This aqua blue afro dye is the ultimate mermaid-inspired look. The vibrant blue is so fun and exciting that it will make any hairstyle you put your fro in look absolutely stellar! 

6Royal Purple Afro Hair

girl with purple afro hair
Dark purple hair complements a variety of afro hair. Photo by Matheus Ferrero.

Look like royalty, when you try dark purple hair on your fro! Because purple contrasts so well with dark brown shades, you can expect this style to compliment the brownest and darkest skin tones just as well as lighter skin tones.  

7Pink Hues

Pink afro colored hair
Hues of pink allude to positive vibes. Photo by BBMedia

Pink is a color that often alludes to positivity, comfort, and beauty. If that’s the vibe you’re going for, then try dying your afro pink. To balance out the color, try different shades and hues and pinks dyed together. 

8Split Hair Colors

Split Hair Color on Afro Hair
Can’t pick one hair color? Go for two! Photo and Hair by @IconicBeautybyJess

Stuck between two colors? Split your color options in half! We absolutely love how @IconicBeautybyJess wore her TWA in a split of pink and purple after she couldn’t decide which color to go with it. This fun and unique style is definitely a future hair-air trend to look out for! 

9Confetti Afro Colors

Rainbow Confetti Hair
Go big with confetti-colored afro hair. Photo and hair by @CocoRobco

Be the ultimate trendsetter and show stopper when you try this confetti hairstyle created by Miami-based hairstylist Coco Robco. “I colored her hair using about sixteen different colors, then styled by doing two-strand twists on damp hair, drying under a hooded dryer, and then untwisting for the final look,” said Robco when describing her creative process for her client with All Things Hair.  After a gorgeous hair dye like this, if you decide to use Robco’s two-strand twist method on your fro, consider using  TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Extend Hold Level 4 Hair Spray to help hold the style in place.

Although you may be a bit nervous when dying your afro, seeing the end results and how gorgeous you look will make it all worthwhile. Whether you decide to go for neutral tones or bold colors for your afro, there is always a hair color out there to help you revamp the perfect look for yourself! 

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