Slicked Back and Chic: The Power Ponytail is Back

Let your hair do the talking.

We love when easy hairstyling hacks coincide with the latest trends and when the latest trend is a simple ponytail, we’re pretty much ecstatic. The power ponytail holds as much strength as its name suggests: Ideal for the office, a day spent running errands or even a sweat session at the gym, the power ponytail uses sleek lines and smooth edges to create a crisp, no-nonsense style. It’s a get stuff done, nail that presentation, impress your boss and kill it at the gym all in one day kind of ponytail. If you think that’s a lot to ask from a hairstyle, you’re right, but in this case: the power ponytail delivers.

power ponytail blonde straight
Sleek and chic.

A hairstyle is only as strong as its hardest working hair product and that’s why you’ll want to take extra care when choosing the styling products you use for this look.

Start off with a smoothing blow dry balm to ensure that your blowout delivers sleek results. TRESemmé One Step Styler Blow Out Balm is our go-to for a style like this. It preps your strands for a blowout and ensures that you look more like a model than a mad scientist by the time your hair is dry.

After your hair is completely dry, you’ll want to run a smoothing serum through the bottom half of your hair. The power ponytail plays on sleek edges and smooth lines and frizz just isn’t part of that equation. Use your fingers to comb Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smoothing Hair Serum through your strands to ensure a smooth and sleek base for your style.

Gather your strands into a low ponytail, either with a straight part down the center of your hair or totally brushed back. Secure the ponytail with a hair tie and make sure not to create any bumps as you wrap the hair tie around the base of the style

Comb through the ends of the ponytail and finish off with a mist of Dove Style+Care Compressed Extra Hold Hairspray to lock the look in place and keep your ponytail looking fierce.

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