hair extensions for bangs

How to Use Hair Extensions for Bangs

Bangs on, bangs off.

Want to update your look but are sort of cut-averse? Skip that color session and use hair extensions for bangs instead. This clever trick is one of the latest Hollywood hair hacks going around, and offers a super quick hairstyle that you can try in minutes.

The look features some natural-looking clip-on hair extensions refined to the desired fringe length—ideally in a soft, curved, half-moon shape that’s slightly longer and wispier at the temples—for maximum blendage with your real hair.

Speaking of real hair, we also zeroed in on the ideal haircut for wearing hair extensions for bangs. The popular celebrity consensus: What else but the West Coast shag? Yup, the sleeper hit hairstyle of the summer goes strong for fall, and we’re not surprised at all: Its texture versatility gives it a true ease of wear, and the cut’s soft, allover layers merge perfectly with a full fringe. It’s also one of the most modern-looking cuts of the season, so prepare to be #trending in an Insta-instant.

Want to try this nifty trick out for yourself? Read on for a few tips on how you can use hair extensions for bangs that you can bring to your stylist (or at home, if you’re ready and able!):

How to Use Hair Extensions for Bangs

hair extensions for bangs razored sides
Keeping the fringe full (and the sides wispy) gives a more modern, natural look.

Step 1: Choose clip-on bang extensions made of human hair.

Skip on the synthetics—you’ll be wearing these front and center, which means you’ll probably want them to look as natural as possible. Hair extensions made with 100% human hair are certainly pricier than your regular beauty supply weave, but nothing beats the texture. A clip-on set is easier to wear and offers less commitment.

Step 2: Muss your bangs up with a texturizer.

To make your hair extensions for bangs look as authentic as possible, a dry shampoo, such as Dove Style+Care Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo, can help refresh your scalp, give your actual hair some grip and provide some last-minute texture to your faux fringe. We also like the anti-frizz protection we get from Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo.

hair extensions for bangs center part
A middle part helps clip-ons go on more evenly and give a more natural-looking “fall.”

Step 3: Create a center part.

Part hair down the middle so your faux fringe goes on evenly on your hairline.

Step 4: Align the ends of the bangs a little past your brow.

Start from the bottom up—meaning, pick where you want your bangs to end (plus/minus a centimeter for some snipping) and then attach to wherever they land on your hairline from there. Hide any seams with a comb and make sure the clips are secure.

Step 5: Blend your ends.

A point-cutting technique—one where the ends are snipped loosely at an angle—can offer the most realistic results if you feel you need to dust the ends. Intermediate to expert fringe lovers can try using a razor to give a rounded, tousled shape to the bangs, which gives your look a chic, modern feel. Otherwise, give your bangs a gentle ruffle, a final spritz of some light hairspray for a bit of control (we love TRESemmé TRES Two Ultra-Fine Mist Hairspray) and you’re good to go!

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