Chalk Colors: Why We’re Loving this Low-Commitment Option

Spring has officially sprung! And even though it may not seem like it at the moment—especially here in the #BeastCoast, ugh—we’re totally ready to embrace the frills and thrills of the new season. Pinks, daisy yellows, light blues—yes, all those adorable, dainty Easter-egg hues are finally kosher again (not that they ever went out of style, really, but still), which means, for the super committed, it’s high time to book those hair appointments!

That doesn’t mean however that the rest of us have to sit this one out. Chalk colors provide the same pastel-hair charm, with a convenient wash-out option. That means, we dye-shy gals get to play with the pastel color trend too, but without a lot of the drawback, i.e. damage on our strands and our wallets.

The best part? These hair chalk ideas easily shampoo out in a flash, so you don’t have to salt your game and decide on just one shade a season. Feelin’ some Monday blues? Go for it! Thursdays have you peachy-keen? No stopping you!

Ed’s tip: When playing with chalk colors, it’s best to use non-oil chalk, which is available at most art stores. Also consider your base shade: Brunettes might need to wet their hair prior to application for better color payoff, while blondes can start on dry hair. Read on for a quick tutorial, and some inspirational looks:

Chalk Colors: Your Easy Guide to this Fun, Festival-Worthy Option

1. Start on clean, freshly washed hair.

Those with a dark base color—like black, brown or dark red—are better off leaving their hair wet or damp before application, for better color payoff. Blondes can start dry, but damp strands can also give a more vibrant, long-lasting shade. Either way, cleansing with a system that helps strengthen hair, like Suave Professionals Caffeine & Chia Infusion Shampoo and Caffeine & Chia Infusion Conditioner, is a good place to start.

2. Use non-oil based chalk.

Spritz hair very lightly with a heat protectant, like TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray. Then starting a few inches below the root, apply the chalk in a downward motion, section by section. It helps to twist hair as you go for more evenly covered sections.

3. Seal color in with a flat iron.

Gently run a flat iron over the chalked section to seal the color in. Repeat on all sections.

4. Finish with hairspray.

A light misting of hairspray helps keep your color pristine and your style budge-free till the next wash. We love the natural control we get from TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Smooth Hold Level 2. Done!

Got that? Now scroll on for a few creative hair chalk ideas to get your juices flowing:

10 Creative Looks Using Chalk Colors

chalk colors blonde pastel crimps
Pink-on-crimps? It doesn’t get any more outrageously ’80s than that.

1. Blonde Pastel Crimps

A pale pink-blonde base gets amped up with a rainbow-streak situation at the fringe area. The crimping brings the ’80s flavor home.

chalk colors tetra fish blue
We love the dark jewel-toned feel of this look.

2. Tetra-Fish Blue

We’re loving this funky, neon-tinged blue mix, showed off by a crisp angled bob.

chalk colors blue streak
A matte gray-blue is always a great gateway look into hair chalk colors.

3. Blue Streak

Up for a more subtle statement? A matte blue streak near the hairline might be just up your alley.

chalk colors burnt oranges
Give the fringe area some natural-looking highlights with lighter yellow and orange chalk.

4. Burnt Oranges

A burgundy bowlcut gets even more personality with a few chalky streaks near the partline. Keep it in the same color family for more cohesiveness.

chalk colors dark berries
Curl it up for more interest.

5. Dark Berries

Cool-toned shades—royal blue, violet, pink—work together to enliven this ash brown base. Ed’s note: That hairline streak is a great touch!

chalk colors creatively multi-colored
All of the colors, all of the fun!

6. Creatively Multi-Colored

If you’re so inclined, why not play with a multitude of fun hair chalk colors? Neon pink with navy always makes for a classy combo—and that white streak is a unique twist. Scared to go the distance? Don’t worry, as it washes out.

chalk colors blue on blonde
A fishtail or pancaked Dutch braid is a nice way to show off the nuances of your hair color.

7. Blue-On-Blonde

Make like your favorite anti-superheroine and play around with streaking blues and pinks on a platinum blonde.

chalk colors pink blonde
Start a few inches below the root.

8. Pink Blonde

We’ve never met a pink color job we didn’t like. That said, this flippy neon salmon situation is our next must-try.

chalk colors sea coral
This fun and fiesty look is perfect for the summer.

9. Sea Coral

As if a pixie haircut couldn’t get any more interesting, we’ve upped the ante and added in some playful, oceanic-themed hues of purple, aquamarine and red-orange as well.

chalk colors peek-a-boo purple
Do only the underside for more dimension.

10. Peek-a-Boo Purple

Give a prismatic, geode-like twist to your hair color by chalking only the underside in rich, juicy shades of violet.

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