7 Colorful Cute Natural Hairstyles to Try in 2019

A pop of color to your natural hair.

Looking for a way to enhance your natural hair? Why not add a pop of color to your natural hair, or opt for full-on color as a way to have fun with your cute natural hairstyles? We love playing around with color on natural as a way to switch up your style while experimenting with the latest hair color trends. For some colorful inspiration for your next look, check out some of these exciting ways to change up your natural hairstyle featuring some very cute natural hairstyles and hair color ideas.

1. All Over Auburn

 Cute Natural Hairstyles red hair
Go for all-over auburn on your natural hair as you transition to fall. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

We love the look of auburn hair and think it’s one of the easiest transitional shades to try if you have natural hair. This reddish-brown tone is also a fantastic color to try out as we (sadly) leave summer and shift into the cooler months of the fall.

2. Two-Toned Mini Afro

 Cute Natural Hairstyles two toned afro
Go two-tones as a way to enhance your natural hair. Photo credit: Dvora

Another look we love is the two-toned mini afro. Opt for your favorite hair color (or one that you’ve been dying to try) where you focus on adding color towards the front of your hair.

3. Deep Red

 Cute Natural Hairstyles red afro
Look fierce and fab by rocking some awesome red hair. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

We love the look of red hair. Why not take that look up a notch going for a deep red aka fire engine red that will definitely have you looking fierce! Don’t forget to use Dove Quench Absolute Supreme Creme Serum to help your curly locks maintain moisture.

4. Blonde Dreads

 Cute Natural Hairstyles blonde braids
Upgrade your dreadlocks with blonde hair. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

Create a new look for your dreadlocks by rocking blonde hair. Have fun with this lighter color on your natural hair as you try out two awesome hairstyle trends.

5. Accent Braid

 Cute Natural Hairstyles blue braids
Enhance your braids with a colorful accent braid. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

Switch up your braids by adding some color. We love adding in some color to your braids as you rock a stylish accent braid (or two!).

6. Dark Pink Hair

 Cute Natural Hairstyles pink hair
Turn heads by trying out dark pink hair on your natural locks. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

The pink hair trend isn’t going away anytime soon! We love the variety of pinks that you can try to enhance your natural hair, including dark pink hair that looks stunning on short hair! When styling, be sure to use some Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Curl Defining Soft Touch Curl Mousse to keep your curls in check as it works to keep frizz at bay.

7. Purple Afro

 Cute Natural Hairstyles purple afro
Have fun with your afro by trying purple hair. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

Go for a bold color for your afro with a dark shade of purple. Make sure to use some of the Bed Head by TIGI On The Rebound Curl Recall Cream that can help make your hair really soft as it adds definition to your cute natural hair.

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