Tutorial: Get Crimped Hair At Home Plus 12 Trending Ways To Style It

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Let’s face it: Not every girl can lock down the perfect beach wave or get a natural-looking crimped hair look with a crimping iron. Some may need a little extra help or an additional styling technique—especially those with slick, straight hair who have a hard time holding any curl. Annoying, right? Getting this wavy hairstyle at home isn’t rocket science. It can easily be achieved overnight or with a quick blow dry.

How To Get Crimped Hair at Home

Read on to learn how to master crimped hair with this super easy tutorial:


Wash and dry hair.

To achieve the best-looking crimped hairstyle, starting off with a shiny base is vital. Add shine to your hair by using Suave Cactus Flower Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. Then, apply Nexxus Weightless Style Smooth & Full Blow Dry Balm  and blow-dry your hair straight.

crimped hair tutorial

Create three-strand braids.

Create 6-8 braids all over your head. Make sure to add hair elastics to the ends of your braids to prevent them from coming undone.

If you want to turn this into an overnight hairstyle, skip the blow-drying from step 1 and create braids while your hair is still wet. This option allows the crimped waves to be set for a longer amount of time.

crimped hair create braids

Set braids with heat.

Using a blow dryer on a high heat setting, blow-dry each braid for about two minutes to set your hair waves. If you keep your braids overnight, you can blow-dry hair in the morning to ensure strands are completely dry.

crimped hair blow dry braids

Final look.

Lock in your style by spritzing your hair with some Bed Head by TIGI Headrush Shine Spray. This product will give you some serious  hold and sheen to your crimped hairstyle.

crimped hair final look

Now that you’ve learned how to create crimped hair, you can experiment with some different ways to wear this style. Here are 10 ways to style your new crimped strands:

10 Cool Ways to Style Crimped Hair

1. Loose Crimped Hair

crimped hair very loose crimps
Crimps come in all shapes and sizes.

Wear your crimps super loose for an undone and chic look worthy of an editorial spread in your favorite magazine. This look depends on looking effortless and slightly messy, so don’t be afraid to use your hands to pull at some sections to loosen for a sultry vibe.

2. Crimped Zig Zag Braid

crimped hair zig zag braid
You are sure to turn heads with this braid.

Try a unique style like this zig-zag braid. You can also step up this crimped hair look by adding some fun accessories like hair clips and braid charms. Crimped hair is the ideal base for more complicated styles!

3. Crimped Bob

crimped hair short blonde bob
Upgrade your bob with some easy crimping.

Upgrade your bob hairstyle with some easy and light crimping, which can easily be done by leaving small braids in overnight. You can further enhance your crimped hairstyle by braiding damp hair and letting it dry while you sleep.

4. Crimped Croissant Braid

crimped hair croissant braid
Try this unique braided style!

Looking for a new braid to try? Sport this croissant braid, which is a great way to show off your crimped hair texture. And don’t worry – this style looks complicated but it’s actually pretty easy to create!

5. Multi-Colored

crimped hair multi colored layered
Play with color and texture.

Experiment with color and texture at the same time and opt for crimped multi-colored highlights. If you’re not ready to add dye to your hair, buy pre-dyed hair extensions to step up your style.

6. Classic Crimped Hair

crimped hair long brunette classic crimps
Add volume to your long hair with classic crimps.

Longer hair can often weigh itself down and cause your hair to flatten. Add classic crimps for extra volume and drama that won’t deflate throughout the day.

7. Dutch Braid

crimped hair dutch braid
Crimped texture gives an extra pop to a classic style.

Give an extra pop to your Dutch braid with a crimped texture. This style is perfect on day two or three hair as your crimped hair has settled and becomes more of a subtle texture to your updo.

8. Intentional Frizz

crimped hair frizzy crimps
Get in on the intentional frizzy hair trend.

The intentional frizzy hair trend is all kinds of high-fashion trends, and crimped hair is by far the easiest way to achieve this look. This look hinges on embracing all your texture, frizz included, so don’t be afraid to add a light tease to make it even bigger and bolder.

9. Subtle Crimped Hair

crimped hair subtle
Try a subtle crimped look.

If you’re not quite ready for an all-out crimped look, you can always try something a little more subtle. This is a great everyday hairstyle for those looking for something wearable but different from the standard loose wave or blowout style.

10. Brushed-Through Crimps

crimped hair brushed out crimps
This undone crimped style is a hit. Photo credit: Indigitalimages. com

Run a brush through your crimped hair for even more texture! Brushing out your crimped hair can give it a more natural look as if this is your texture and not something you had to create!

11. Crimped Bob

crimped hair bob
Make your bob more fun with crimped strands.

This style suits any age, and it’s a fun spin on a bob cut, especially if you have long layers. Keep it styled and in place all day with Nexxus Weightless Style Ultra Light Hair Spray.

12. Crimped Hair Waves

crimped hair waves
Create a dramatic effect with these crimped waves.

Create a dramatic look with these crimped hair waves. You can get them at the salon by asking for a body weave perm or DIY with a curling wand at home. We love them!

As crimped hair continues to thrive in the street style scene, we think everyone should try the bold style! Whether you create it with braids or invest in a crimper, you’ll be totally on-trend for 2023.

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