Fun Curly Hairstyles to Try Out for Formal Occasions

Curly hairstyles you can rock at your next party.

Going curly is always a good idea for a fancy event. Whether you hair is straight, super curly or has a slight curl in it, enhancing it with even more bounce looks sophisticated, modern and simply gorgeous. Plus, there are tons of curly hairstyles and ideas out there that work for a variety of curly hair lengths and curl textures. To inspire your look for your formal event, we’re sharing six of our favorite curly hairstyles. Read on:

Curly Hairstyles For Formal Occasions: Looks We Love

curly hairstyles side pony
Take your hair to the side for this chic hairstyle idea.

1. Curly Side Pony

If you have some length but don’t want to deal with touch-ups during the party, a sexy side pony might just be your thing. This look is created by brushing all of your hair to either side of your face as you collect your strands into one low pony (if you go to high, you’ll definitely be channeling the 1980s). Smooth out any wayward strands with some gel and then create the curls in your pony with a curling wand. You can add really big curls or more subtle ringlets that you hold in place with some hairspray like Bed Head by TIGI Headrush Shine Hairspray. Enhance the look a step further by letting a curly tendril come out on the side of your face.

curly hairstyles with a high bun
Enhance the volume in your curly hair with high bun.

2. High Bun 

This looks involves a puffy and dramatic bun that sits way up on the crown of your hair. You can opt to leave several strands out along your face or keeping everything tightly in place. We love this look for proms or school functions.

curly hairstyles soft waves
Easy, breezy waves are gorgeous for a night out.

3. Soft Waves

We love the look of light, yet put-together curls. This look works on a variety of hair types, lengths and even ages where you create bouncy, beachy waves that have ton of movement and body. This can be achieved by using some Suave Professionals Texturizing Sea Salt Spray that will help you to create loose and bouncy waves.

curly hairstyles tight curls
Curlfriend, you got this!

4. Tight Curls

On the other side of the spectrum, you may be a big curls, don’t care kind of girl. We love that! This look requires you to use a curling iron or wand where you begin to curl at the crown. Be sure to use a heat protectant to protect your locks and set the style with some light hairspray. We also love this look finished off with a chic headband or a cute clip.

curly hairstyles half up
This one is a classic for a reason. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

5. Half-Up Hairstyle

The half-up/down look is a classic style that looks effortlessly put together. Enhance it by curling the half down look as the up part is twisted together and held with a chic clip.

curly hairstyles crown
Rock out with those regal curls of yours.

6. Crown Braid with Curls

Look gorgeously regal by creating a crown braid along the front of your head. Finish off the look with loose or tight curls that you hold together in a pony or set free.

curly hairstyles updo
This look is bound to turn heads!

7. Curly Updo

Some people want their hair contained when they go to a special event or party. In those instances, opt for a fab curly hair updo where you wrap your hair into an elegant yet modern style.

curly hairstyles tousled ends
A light wave is subtle for your evening out.

8. Tousled Ends

Sometimes just a slight curl will do where you only need your ends to have a little wave. This look is created by using your curling wand to create loose ends. Don’t forget to use some of the Nexxus New York Salon Care Promend Heat Protecting Mist to prep your hair heat styling.

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