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How to Maintain Your Trimmed Ends with Hair Dusting?

A dust helps keep the major hair cut away.

Almost every girl dreads scheduling a trim since she fears she may leave the salon with an actual haircut. We know, we know. Believe it or not, your stylist doesn’t have something out for you, nor is she/he jealous of your hair. Your hairstylist sees what you don’t see, and through their eyes, what you think is length, is just dead, frayed split ends. We have great news, the hair dusting technique can save you from getting a haircut you didn’t expect (or want!). Read on to learn all about it and how you can maintain healthy-looking hair ends at home.

Hair Dusting: What Is It & How to Do It?

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Hair dusting involves just removing about 1/4 inch of hair ends.

1. Hair Dusting Explained

Hair dusting is a trimming technique that any girl can do at home. Or you can leave it up to your hair stylist. There are two ways dusting can be done. At home, you can just cut about a 1/4 inch off the very ends of your hair. In the salon, stylists have adapted the technique of hair dusting along the length of your hair by clipping away any stray ends that peek out along the section. This, we don’t advise to do on your own.

2. Tips for Dusting at Home

To maintain your trim or to decrease the amount of trims you’ll need to get from a stylist. Opt for dusting your hair ends on your own. There’s something you should know, though: Never, cut your hair with any random scissor you can find. Find a pair of shears that are specifically designed for hair cutting.

3. Hair Dusting Steps

After finding the right shears for your hair, divide your hair into equal sections. Be sure your hair is properly detangled before carrying out the cutting process. On your first section of your hair, create a sub-section, combing through with a fine-tooth comb. Then, snip the ends of your hair (1/3 -1/4 inches off). Repeat this until your entire head has been dusted and you’re done.

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Alyssa François
Your Mane Attraction, Alyssa
01 February 2017