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How to Dust Hair: A Simple Way to Maintain Trimmed Ends

Mess-up-proof, we promise.

Have you heard about hair dusting and learning how to dust hair? Sometimes, we dread scheduling a trim since we fear leaving the salon with an actual ~haircut~. Or that these days, going out for one might not even be an option. We hear you! But before you get into an anxiety spiral, keep in mind that your hairstylist sees what you don’t see, and through their eyes, what you think is length can actually be a bunch of frayed split ends.

If you find yourself in this boat, we have great news: the hair dusting technique can save you from getting a haircut you didn’t expect (or want!), with minimal risk of messing up in case of a DIY situation.

What Is Hair Dusting?

It’s time you learn how to dust hair and we’ve got your back! Read on to learn all about it and how you can maintain healthy-looking hair ends at home:

1. How to Dust Hair

Hair salon. Women's haircut. Hair dusting technique
Hair dusting involves just removing about 1/4 inch of hair ends.

Hair dusting is a trimming technique that any girl can do at home. Or you can leave it up to your hairstylist. There are two ways dusting can be done. At home, you can just cut about 1/4 inch off the very ends of your hair. In the salon, stylists have adopted the technique of hair dusting along the length of your hair by clipping away any stray ends that peek out along the section. This we don’t advise you to do on your own.

2. How to Dust Hair at Home

To maintain your trim or to decrease the number of trims you’ll need to get from a stylist, opt for dusting your hair ends on your own. There’s something you should know, though: Never cut your hair with any random pair of scissors you can find. Find a pair of shears specifically designed for hair cutting. Be sure to apply Nexxus Clean & Pure Nourishing Detox 5-in-1 Invisible Hair Oil to help prevent dry hair ends which often leads to split ends.

 How to Dust Hair the Simple Way


Section off your hair.

After finding the right shears for your hair, divide your hair into equal sections. Be sure your hair is properly detangled before carrying out the cutting process.

how to dust hair: section hair

Coil sections of your hair.

Take a section of hair and coil it from root to the ends and hold in place.

how to dust hair: twirl hair

Dust the ends.

Carefully siphon off the loose hairs to ‘dust’ the loose pieces.

how to dust hair: snip hair ends

Finally, keeping your hair hydrated and healthy is essential in keeping your hair healthy enough.

Consider adding TRESemmé Pro Pure Micellar Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner into your routine to keep your strands healthy in between trims!

Learning how to dust hair is as simple as that! The perfect solution to maintaining healthy strands without going to your hairstylist as frequently. This technique will save you money and let you keep your strands happy and healthy.

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