Emo Bangs: 15 Ways to Rock Straight, Volumized Bangs

Miriam Herst | 18 July 2017

This gallery might have you seriously considering an emo style for the first time. 

While hairstyles that incorporate emo bangs may feel a little 2006 for your taste, this gallery is proof that there are trendy and relevant incarnations of this bold style. To inspire you to try them out, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to wear emo bangs featuring super subtle versions to modern variations to classic emo styles and more! The two defining qualities that separate emo bangs from other bang styles are straight hair and subtle volume. Keep reading to check out 15 of our favorite emo bangs variations and prepare to fall in love with some unexpected styles.

15 Ways to Wear Emo Bangs


two toned emojified bangs half up style
Why pick one color when you can choose two?

1. Two-Toned Bangs

This style is the best of both worlds when it comes to making a statement with color. It combines black inky hair with bleached blonde tones that makes a major style statement.

emo bangs classic angled full bangs
Classic angled bangs take on an emo vibe when worn on dark hair.

2. Classic Angled Bangs

This is one of our favorite options for someone who wants to embrace a subtle variation on emo bangs.

emo bangs inky black micro bangs
Make double the statement with a set of inky black micro bangs.

3. Inky Black Strands

Consider doubling up on your hair trends by combining inky black strands with micro bangs.

emo bangs bleach blonde long straight
Take emo bangs to a classic level.

4. Side Swept and Classic

We like to call this the grown up version of emo bangs. A side swept style paired with long straight strands makes this style accessible while still maintaining a statement.

emo bangs bleach blonde blunt bangs
Highlight some of your best features.

5. Blunt Bleach Blonde Bangs

By cutting your bangs a little wider than you usually would you let your cheekbones do all the talking under a set of strong and blunt bleach blonde bangs.

emo bangs mermaid blue green hair
Get in on one of this season’s biggest trends.

6. Mermaid Blue-Green

Another hybrid of two of our favorite trends, these mermaid blue-green bangs are a more playful way to embrace an emo style.

emo bangs wispy side bangs
Try something softer that’s also face-framing.

7. Wispy Red Bangs

Consider these wispy red bangs a universally flattering emo bangs option.

emo bangs feathered bleach blonde bob
A barely longer micro bob pairs nicely with these bleach blonde feathered bangs.

8. Feathered Bleached Bangs

If you’re really feeling bold and looking for a way to streamline your hair care routine then pair a short bob with a pair of super blunt bleach blonde fringe.

emo bangs black and red side swept bangs.
A black and red mixed style paired with a thin set of side swept bangs.

9. Black & Red

Amp up the drama with a short set of side swept bangs with two-toned darker colors.

emo bangs choppy black short style
This is one of our favorite ‘air dry and go’ styles.

10. Asymmetrical and Short

This style is proof that hairstyles that include bangs aren’t all high maintenance. An asymmetrical style like this is great way to air-dry and go.

emo bangs micro rooted bleach blonde half up style
This style is both sweet and sassy.

11. Classy Micro Bangs

If you’ve been rocking rooted blonde hair, you might be looking for some ways to mix this look up a bit! Why not add some dimension to your face with some micro bangs.

emo bangs pink black hair thin side bangs
Get the best of both worlds.

12. Half & Half

Thin side bangs are definitely a more subtle option as far as bangs go. Paired with a half and half style that includes hot pink and inky black hair and you take it to newer and bolder emo levels.

emo bangs purple pink micro bangs and bob
A great option for women with thinner hair.

13. Purple Bob + Micro Bangs

Make double the statement with a purple-pink bob paired with a thin set of micro bangs.

emo bangs thick natural teased hair
It doesn’t get any easier than this.

14. Air Dried and Teased

Let your thick strands air dry and tease the front to achieve this beautiful statement style.

emo bangs thick straight full bangs
Pair thick bangs with straight hair for an edgy and streamlined look.

15. Thick Straight Full Bangs

Hair that’s both thick and straight can be really difficult to deal with. Lessen the load by opting for a set of thick full bangs that are a great mix of classic and emo.

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