The 21 Best Medium Length Haircuts For Spring

Only the best looks for your locks.

With a new season comes a new hairstyle. If you’re in search for a haircut that’s not too long but also not drastically short, then try going for a medium length haircut. From the classic lob to layered looks, you can easily style up your tresses into these stylish crops. These cuts are perfect to rock this spring season, and will make you the chicest girl in the crowd! Get to spring cleaning on your locks and upgrade your hair with these best medium length haircuts we love:

The 21 Best Medium Length Haircuts For The New Season

best medium length haircuts fringe bangs
This fringed bang style is perfect for every face shape.

1. Fringed Bangs

These fringe bangs are the ultimate It Girl hairstyle. Keep them frizz-free and tamed all day long with Dove Style+Care Flexible Hold Hairspray.

best medium length haircuts side swept bangs
Swoop your bangs to the side for an effortlessly chic look.

2. Side-Swept Bangs

Get a bangin’ style with these side-swept bangs.

best medium length haircuts overgrown lob
This overgrown style is always a chic choice.

3. Overgrown Lob

And overgrown lob is one of the best medium length hairstyles for its versatility and its ability to be worn loose or in an elegant updo.

best medium length haircuts grunge cut
Time to bring back this blast from the past cut.

4. Grunge Cut

The ’90s were filled with some of the best medium length haircuts, this grunge cut included. Give your hair extra texture by using Bed Head by TIGI Stick when styling.

best medium length haircuts loose curled lob
Let your curls loose in this lob.

5. Loose Curled Lob

Give your lob some extra style by sprucing them up with these loose curls.

best medium length haircuts extreme side swept bangs
Let your bangs steal the show in this cut.

6. Extreme Side-Swept Bangs

Are you into the extreme sides of life? Then try out one of our best medium hairstyles: the extreme side swept bangs.

best medium length haircuts full bangs
Some full bangs can upgrade your look in an instant.

7. Full Bangs

If you want to give your hair an illusion of volume and fullness with these full bangs. Give your hair a textured appearance while taming fly-aways and frizz with TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Flexible Finish Hairspray.

best medium length haircuts asymmetrical lob
This is one of the best medium length haircuts for it’s unique look and posh style.

8. Asymmetrical Lob

Do you want your lob haircut to truly stand out from the crowd? Then try out this asymmetrical cut! It’s one of our best medium length haircuts when we’re feeling the need for something edgy and posh in our lives.

best medium length haircuts curled lob
Some cute curls are perfect for a voluminous look.

9. Curled Lob

Give your lob a whole new attitude with some curls! They’re sexy, sweet and always fun to play around with.

best medium length haircuts straight
The straighter, the better with this medium length cut.

10. Straight

When in doubt, straighten it out is our motto. That’s why making our medium length hair pin-straight is always the way to go.

best medium length haircuts side part
A simple side part can make a major statement with your look.

11. Side Part

If you want to switch up your style without major commitment, then changing up your part is the way to go. Just simply part your hair more to the side of your choosing, slick down any fly-aways and unruly strands with TRESemmé TRES Two Mega Firm Control Geland you’re ready to take on the day.

best medium length haircuts kinky curls
Let your curls fly free in a medium-length cut.

12. Voluminous Curls

You don’t need to actually style your hair to have the best medium length haircuts. Rock your natural curls for the coolest, most voluminous hair possible.

best medium length haircuts styled waves
Some styled waves will give you killer looks.

13. Styled Waves

Keep your hair styled by grabbing a curling iron and using Bed Head by TIGI After Party Smoothing Cream for the ultimate waved look.

best medium length haircuts ringlets
These cute and quirky ringlets are great for everyone!

14. Ringlets

Tight and curly ringlets are always the way to go. Rock your natural ringlets, or create them with mini foam rollers!

best medium length haircuts ombre
An ombré style with your medium length hair is a match made in hair heaven.

15. Ombré

Ombreé style isn’t only reserved for long locks. You can try out with color gradient on your medium-length hair for a fun and flirty style.

best medium length haircuts neon color
Some neon color will light up your locks.

16. Neon Color

Some vibrant neon colors can electrify any head of hair.

best medium length haircuts bed head
Have some fun in this easy-going style.

17. Bed Head

Try this messy tussled look for the ultimate cool-kid style. Give your hair some more texture by using Bed Head by TIGI Hard To Get Texturizing Paste when styling.


best medium length haircuts medium curls
Not too tight, yet not too loose.

18. Medium Curls

If you want your curls to match your haircut, then try out these medium curls. They’re not too tight to be ringlets, yet not loose enough to be considered waves. Give your curls some extra volume by using Suave Professionals Natural Volume Mousse.

best medium length haircuts extreme side part
Give your hair a voluminous look with an extreme side part.

19. Extreme Side Part

Put your medium length hair in an extreme side part to give the illusion of fullness and volume.

best medium length haircuts side angled bangs
Get the angled look with these bangs.

20. Angled Bangs

Angled bangs are a timeless style that we all know and love. Of course we had to include them on our best medium length haircuts list!

best medium length haircuts glamorous curls
Big, bold glamorous curls are perfect for every occasion.

21. Glamorous Curls

Let your hair reach new levels of fabulous with these glamorous curls.

Craving some more hair inspiration? Then satisfy your hunger with these easy hairstyles for medium hair!

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