Need a new hair regimen?
Need a new hair regimen?

5 Reasons Auburn Hair Should Be Your Next New Shade (Plus Ways to Wear It On Your Hair Type!)

Not just red, not just brown—get a color, like auburn hair, that can do both.

We’re really digging auburn hair color right now, and really: What’s not to love? Bright, succulent harvest grains, spicy lattes, cozy sweaters, comfort food—they all seem to suggest all things warm and fuzzy, and truly everything takes on an earthier feel. And as far as hair trends go, reds, nutty browns and auburn color are probably the most evocative, as they conjure up the colors of autumn the best.

If you’re looking for some new hair color inspo for post quarantine, why not look into this beautiful, reddish hue, auburn hair? It’s a richer take on the classic copper, with just enough hints of brown to mellow it out. Scroll down to check out a few reasons why auburn hair color is one of the classiest, most versatile shades you’ll ever wear, plus scroll on to see more auburn options for darker skin tones.

long auburn hair color trend
Auburn hair is a dynamic medium brown. Photo credit:

1. It’s a crisp, sophisticated brown.

If you’re ever going for a single-process shade, auburn brown hair color is one of the best hues to choose. Ruddy notes give this neat, medium brown more dimension than other shades. It can flatter both cool and warm undertones, making it a great neutral shade to check out if you’re looking to flirt with a brown this fall.

Need a new hair regimen?
highlights on auburn hair color
Highlighting is a cinch. Photo credit:

2. Highlights come out super-gorgeous.

Because it has both warm and cool tones, applying light auburn hair color tones to your hair with highlights (via a reputable stylist, of course) is nearly foolproof. It can complement both the golds and the ashes, and, as in the balayage above, can also gain more depth with a hint of copper—it brings out the red in your base and results in a deep, luscious, multi-tonal color job.

pigtails on auburn hair
A bare face? No problem. Photo credit:

3. It wakes you up.

No one wants to cake on the makeup in a polar vortex, least of all us. Which is why we love how an auburn red hair shade can instantly perk up a bare face when we need it the most: It can warm up the most winter-weary of complexions, and helps you look put together even with just an additional swipe of tinted lip balm or mascara (leave that rosy flush to Mother Nature). Sold!

auburn hair color with waves
Waves and curls come to life on dark reddish tones.

4. It’s made to be curled.

Unlike black or really dark browns, which don’t really define as much texture, waves, curls and even crimped styles take on a more sophisticated, healthy-looking shine on a dark auburn hair color. It’s light enough to showcase the nuances in your texture but dark enough to mask any dryness or damage. Our fave way to style this shade: big and full-bodied, just like a glass of good Bordeaux.

shiny and dark auburn hair color
Not your average brown. Photo credit:

5. It sets you apart.

Auburn hair is a bright brown that’s like the lovechild of red and dark brown. That said, it will never get lost in a sea of regular browns and blondes and sets you apart, even during times you’re rocking your winter uniform of all black everything. It’s versatile, too, and retains a down-to-earth vibe while still looking fashionable.

Want to see how this chic, fashionable shade can work on darker skin tones? We explain the nuances:

auburn hair color ringlets
A rich shade of auburn can really make your darker hair ‘pop.’

1. Ringlets with Auburn Tones

Awaken your complexion by trying a trio of dark auburn hair colors on your natural hair. This multidimensional look is fun and great for the girl who likes to try something a little wilder and dramatically different. Try out a mix of auburn, honey brown, espresso or toffee shades, as they blend well to create a natural look. A serum, like Nexxus Between Washes Revived Curls Creme Spray, makes sure your locks are moisturized after coloring.

2. Auburn Semi-Permanent Dye on Gray Hair

While gray hair is super hot these days (we mean it!), some still choose to hide their gray locks. Cover up or blend away your grays by giving your strands a modern coverage with a semi-permanent or permanent dark auburn hair dye. These subtle streaks of auburn look vibrant and give you an instant makeover. To maintain, color hair every three to four weeks or when you begin to see new gray roots.

3. Long Auburn Ombré Locks

Choose dark auburn shades like deep reds or hues with brown undertones to boost your long locks. Ombré hair color with these tones looks especially vibrant against dark skin, as the colors blend well against the naturally dark brown or black hair you may have. Your long locks will be packed with definition and will especially stand out when worn with loose curls or waves. Tip: A color-safe shampoo and conditioner system, like Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo and Color Assure Conditioner, helps protect against color fade.

auburn hair color highlights
Try out a touch of auburn ombré to your ends. The color plays well on dark hair, and when worn curly, it gives your curls a fun highlight.

4. Auburn Highlights

This subtle coloring technique, especially when employed around face-framing areas, brings out your skin tone. Try out brownish auburn tones on dark skin that fall on the lighter end of the spectrum. For deeper and rich, chocolatey skin, employ some copper and red auburn tones to bring out the warmth in your complexion. Go bold to end up with a strong effect or add auburn highlights to very fine areas for a natural look.

5. Full-On Auburn

Go for it! Take the plunge and change your entire hair color. Before you do though, play around with swatches, a wig or clip-ins to see which shade of auburn is best for you and your skin tone. Darker skin tends to have red undertones in their hair, so you want to use this as your guide. However, this isn’t always the case. If you have dark brown hair, opt for a lighter auburn brown hair color. On black hair, try auburn reds with burgundy undertones.

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