Find the Best Hair Gel for Your Hair Type

Learn more about gel in our ultimate guide to this hair care product.

Hair gel is having a major moment in the hair world right now. As one of our OG hair care products, it’s certainly been around for a long time, but has seen a resurgence with the wet look hairstyles that have dominated the runway for the past few seasons. And while the best hair gel is out there in your drugstore, you also have to consider what hair gel to get based on your hair type and what type of hold you are looking for. To help you out, we’re sharing a list of some of the best hair styling gel products that you can easily find at your local drugstore:

best hair gel to create a shag
Gel helps define the details on medium-length styles like the shag, while also helping retain its shape throughout the day. Photo credit:

1. Straight and Fine Hair

Thinner locks crave volume, so make sure to use products that don’t weigh your hair down or leave them prone to going limp midday. Lightweight styling gels, such as Nexxus Diametress Lavish Body Gel Spray, are a fun, useful innovation, since most of these coat hair strands evenly while providing some bounce.

2. Straight and Thick Hair

Looking for the strongest hair gel for your thick hair? Thicker hair is fortunate enough to be able to withstand more styling wear and tear, but then can also be prone to dullness and unmanageability. Take control of your hair type’s density with a gel that adds lightweight shine and smoothness, like TRESemmé TRES Two Mega Firm Control Gel, which also gives you the super-firm control you’ll need without sacrificing body.

3. Wavy Hair

Frizz is public enemy number one for ladies who have naturally wavy hair. The best product for this type is one that both shields from humidity and enhances your natural texture—this is your golden unicorn. An alcohol-free formulation that locks out frizz, such as TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Firm Gel, is ideal for giving moveable but long-lasting hold, a.k.a. the best control for wavy looks.

Hairstyle Inspiration: Sleek Baby Bangs

Hair Gel You’ll Need: TREsemmé TRES Two Ultra Firm Control Gel

Bold bangs are a hit, but it’s an even bigger hit these days at shorter lengths. It’s no secret that micro bangs are back in full force; however, the full and airy look is out the window for now. It seems like we’ve taken inspiration from sweaty bangs and made them a thing. Smooth some product onto your fringe, separate it a bit to make it clump and create a piece-y illusion.

best hair gel with a ponytail
Keep your ponytail smooth and under control with this hairstyle idea. Photo credit:

Hairstyle Inspiration: Long Sleek Slicked Back Tresses

Hair Gel You’ll Need: Nexxus Exxtra Hold Sculpting Gel

Achieving a sultry yet laid-back look with the help of styling hair gel. Using a fine-tooth comb, apply some of the gel throughout your locks to evenly distribute from root to mid-shaft. Leave your ponytail gel free for an airy and light finish.

best hair gel with an updo
Half wispy, half smooth. Photo credit:

Hairstyle Inspiration: Smooth and Wispy Deep Side Part

Hair Gel You’ll Need: TREsemmé TRES Two Mega Firm Control Gel

Mix things up with a stylish half controlled, half messy hairstyle. Create a deep side part apply gel only to the front fringe and let it dry. You can give your bangs some extra detail by creating a piece-y look. Simply use the tail of a rattail comb to separate your bangs against your forehead. Once the gel dries, bangs will be set in place. While your hair is drying style the back section of your hair. First, comb or brush to remove any tangles and to position your long tresses into place, gently tease for a wispy finish.

best hair gel with sleek styles
You’ll get the perfect neat and tight bun. Photo credit:

Hairstyle Inspiration: Wet Effect Updo

Hair Gel You’ll Need: TREsemmé TRES Two Extra Firm Control Gel

Create a sleek, neat and smooth updo by applying gel to the base of your hair. You may use a brush to help smoothen out your look, especially if you’re working with a bit of texture. Secure your updo with an elastic and allow the style to air-dry.

best hair gel for sleek styles
Gives you the perfect style upgrade!

1. Style your short hair.

When it comes to styling shorter cuts, hair gel for women is brilliant for achieving a variety of looks. Use it to smooth down your locks and comb it back for a sharp and slick ’80s-inspired ‘do, or to create a more shiny, voluminous finish. Work the product through your strands before blow-drying backwards with a brush to achieve a fairly strong hold that’ll last all day.

2. Gets rid of frizz.

If you’re struggling to tame your frizz, try Suave Define & Shine Serum Gel. This product works to hold onto your style that’ll help calm frizzy hair, without weighing it down or getting flaky. Mix in the palm of your hands and apply it to your tresses before or after blow-drying to get a sleeker effect that’ll help banish pesky flyaways, too.

3. Pump up the volume.

This holy grail product isn’t just for creating spellbinding shape and texture, it can help you achieve volume, too.

4. Create a gorgeous lacquered look.

Want to work that wet look you’ve seen so much of on the runways in real life? Well, now you can! Check out our wet hair gel guide to get this high-fashion look.