This Spray Gel Will Leave Your Hair Crunch-Free

Crunch-free, happy curls await.

The number one rule we tell women when styling their curly hair is to work with their natural texture rather than try to turn it into something it’s not. While straight hair is fun every now and again, it can be tiring to always transform your curls to straight locks every single day. And since curly hair tends to have a mind of its own, the best way to style it involves experimenting with hair care products to help you to define your curls as well as learning more about the curly hair styling tips and tricks. If hair gel has been a part of your curly hair routine, then you’ll be just as excited to discover that there’s also spray gel. Spray gel is the lighter yet still strong version of your must-have hair product and we have a feeling you’re going to love it.

spray gel red curly hair
Spray your way to more defined and voluminous curls.

1. What’s the difference between spray hair gel and regular hair gel?

You may be wondering what the difference is between spray hair gel and regular hair gel. After all, some variations of tried and true products really are just a marketing scheme. What’s really different about a spray hair gel? We’re glad you asked. A spray hair gel has the same volume-inducing characteristics that create buoyancy as it strengthens your style. The difference is in the formula and application. A spray gel is a cross between a hairspray and a hair gel and the consistency reflects that. And, of course, spray gels come with a spray applicator that provides a lighter coating on the hair.

2. How do you use spray gel?

This product is best used on damp hair. Wash and condition your hair with your favorite duo, then towel dry your hair. Spray your hair gel of choice generously all over your strands and scrunch.

3. Which spray gel do we recommend?

We love Nexxus Diametress Lavish Body Gel Spray for a few reasons. This formula is enriched with Green Tea Extract and creates that all-over volume you’ve been lusting after while adding strength to your strands. And, as promised, it leaves your hair touchably soft and crunch-free.