how to style curly hair: create the wave

How to Style Curly Hair in 5 Different Ways

A method or tool for every curl you crave.

Growing up, many of us were probably told by out parents that there’s more than one way to do something. This also applies to the way we style our hair — whether it be with tools or styling techniques. To get the perfect curl, or to enhance the look of your curly hair texture when it comes to styling curly hair, there isn’t just one way to do it. We have options. Ahead we’ve complied some of our favorite ways to style curly hair.

1. Styling Curly Hair with Pin Curls

how to style curly hair with pin curls
Wear them out, or to preserve your style. Pin curls are the styling method we all love!

The pin curl technique is a simple way to create curls without the use of a curling iron or hair wand. It’s also a very effective way to maintain your curly hairstyles. To learn how to create pin curls, check out our simple pin curl hair tutorial.

2. Styling Curly Hair with Curling Tongs

woman styling curly hair using hair tongs
Curling tongs can be used to get tight curly styles or big sexy curls.

Whether you want Shirley Temple curls, loose Old Hollywood curls or to touch up your curly hairstyles, every girl should know how to use curling tongs. Check out why we love this heat styling tool and how to use it on your hair.

3. Styling Curly Hair with Hot Rollers

young woman getting hair styled with hot rollers

Never underestimate the power of classic hot rollers. Sure, they may have been your Grandmother’s favorite styling tool but that’s no reason why you shouldn’t use it, too. Use hot rollers, to score voluminous and defined curly hairstyles. Need a little help? Check out our easy way to use heated rollers.

4. Styling Curly Hair with Flexi-rods

young woman styling curly hair with flexi-rods
For fun and big curly styles sans the heat, opt for using curlers like flexi-rods.

Nail curls without worrying about heat damage using flexi-rods. If you’re looking to try this method on natural hair, check out our super easy flexi-rod tutorial. For all other hair types, apply a firm hold mousse to damp hair, like Catwalk by TIGI Strong Hold Mousse, install your rods and release once hair is dry.

5. Styling Curly Hair with Braids

woman showing back view of double braids hairstyle on wavy hair
Use braids to get your best waves yet! Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

Oh how we love braids! Use braids to create effortless looking curly hairstyles like chunky waves or tight crimps. To create a curly/crimpy look with braids, braid clean damp hair and let it air-dry. Opt for using a gel like TRESemmé Flawless Curls Defining Gel to help with definition and hold to your curls. If you’re pressed for time opt for blowdrying to speed up the drying process. Release your braids to reveal flawless wavy curls and set with a flexible hold hairspray like TRESemmé Extra Hold Hair Spray for movement.

Now that you have learned many ways to style curly hair it’s time to try out different looks. Here are five new ways to style curl hair this year.


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