How to Curl your Hair: 6 Techniques You Can Do Yourself

Because there's more than one way to achieve bouncy curls.

how to curl your hair curly hair tips


Hair Types

For those with straight or fine hair figuring out how to curl your hair can take some time to master. You’ll also have to consider the type of curl you want, which can range from full-on ringlet to subtle bouncy wave. The one thing is for sure, curly hair can be in your future after you master a few techniques and hair tricks.

Read on to discover five ways to getting gorgeous curly hair:

How to Curl your Hair

how to curl your hair hair rollers

1. Hair Rollers

This classic hairstyling technique as been around for decades and it’s easy to see why: It works! Back in the day, women used to wear their beloved rollers throughout the day, all to get that perfect curl. These days you can speed up the process a bit by opting for heated rollers or flex rods, although the classic foam rollers always does the job. If you are going the hot roller route, be sure to spritz some heat protectant in your hair like TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray.

how to curl your hair curling wand

2. Curling Wand

A curling wand or a hair wand generally has tourmaline, ceramic and titanium plates, which enables it to add moisture to the hair while also taming frizz. Generally, used to create looser curls and waves, and preferred if you want to use less heat aka less time creating hair waves.

how to curl your hair wavy bob curling iron

3. Curling Iron

On the other side is the curling iron. This hair curling tool works to create those springy and defined ringlets. With this tool, you’ll find a clasp that allows you to have control over your movement (aka curl creation) as you create wide or loose curls.

how to curl your hair blowdryer

4. Blowdryer

You everyday hair drying tool can also be used for styling. Don’t you love those 2-in-1 hairstyling combos?! When using a blowdryer to create curls, you’ll also need to spritz your hair with some heat protectant. Then brush your hair and separate your hair into 8-10 workable sections. The amount of sections you decide all depends on the texture and length of your hair). Then, wrap a round brush around the outer layer of your hair, wrapping your hair around the brush and working your way up towards the crown. Use a low to medium setting on your blowdryer, releasing the brush on an angle as you create your curl. Repeat this throughout your hair until you get the desired waves you want. Be sure to use some hairspray like some of the Nexxus Styling Comb Thru Finishing Mist to lock in this style.

how to curl your hair sea salt spray

5. Sea Salt Spray

For an even looser curl that also happens to be one of our favorite heatless hairstyles, opt to use some sea salt spray. This innovative product works to create body and texture to your hair. Try using Love Beauty Planet Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Salt Spritz Texture Spray, scrunch with your fingers and be good to go!

how to curl your hair braids

6. Braid Method

Another heatless way to get some curls into your life is via braiding. This works on well on damp hair (about 80%) dry where you divide your hair into three even sections. You can go for an elaborate fishtail braid or a simple three-strand braid as you interweave your hair together. After you create your braid, tie the end with a hair tie. For an extra wavy effect, wrap your braided hairstyle into a bun and let this style develop overnight. In the morning, you’ll have bouncy and loose waves that are sure to look stunning.

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