What’s in My Hair Today: Sea Salt Spray

Eunice Lucero | 18 June 2016
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Saltwater, a.k.a. summer’s ultimate sexifier is a must.

My first experience with sea salt spray came in the form of a D.I.Y. concoction involving rock salt from the kitchen and warm tap water. I had seen on TV that this was what my favorite supermodel had been using to get her hair looking matte and stringy, and I thought of course, matched with her halter tee, mid-fade jeans and boots, that this look was the most glorious in the universe.

I didn’t know that I was about to stumble into a long-term relationship that would span decades.

Backstory: I have very fine, straight hair—and a lot of it. This may not seem like a problem for most people, but only if you don’t consider frizz and/or limpness, the need for frequent washes, and damage from being dyed, oh, pretty much within an inch of its life, as problems. The upside to my hair type however is that when it finds a product it likes, it’s quite manageable and obedient, save for the occasional flyaway. And the way it’s taken to sea salt spray is nothing short of fah-mazing: It retains a tiny amount of grit—just enough to give it some crunch—but with a loose, tousled, nonchalant feel, which only looks better and sexier and “Frencher” the more lived-in it gets.

Sea Salt Spray: Then and Now

suave professional sea mineral infusion texturizing sea salt spray

Tons of iterations of the sea salt spray have since hit the market (and my vanity) since then, each with its own set of good or bad reviews culled from personal experience. It was a Goldilocks study of them leaving my hair too sticky/not sticky enough/too drying/too matte/too shiny/too anything, and so I subsequently gave up the search. For the next few years I just went straight to the source—actual ocean water—and reveled in the perfectly beachy way my locks waved up every time I went on a tropical holiday. All other times, I just embraced my natural straight texture and told people I adored looking #normcore head to toe.

Naturally, when I first came across Suave Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion Texturizing Sea Salt Spray, I was suspicious. Grungy, city-girl hair in a ~gold~ bottle? I wondered whether this sea-mineral infused spray could really give me that authentic island-girl finish of my childhood. What I found was so much better: The cocktail of ingredients helps give you a modern-matte look, i.e. texturized and chunk-prone, but with a more molten sheen. Ultimate day-to-night hair, eek! Also—and I must preface this by saying I’m quite lazy—the fact that all it literally asks you to do after spraying is to twist hair into waves was the biggest dealmaker.

I love the smell too: soapy and fresh, slightly briny but super luxe, like how you’d smell after a shower in someone’s ritzy guesthouse. And for something that costs less than a slice of pizza in New York? Definitely making this city girl a believer.

Would you try sea salt spray? What’s in YOUR hair today?

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