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No Fuss, No Crunch! The Natural Hair Gel Products You Need to Know

Swap out your old gels for these quenching and defining natural hair gels.

Trying a new gel for natural hair often leaves you asking yourself: Will this pill and leave white flakes? Will this gel leave my curls hard and crunch? Will this hair gel dry my hair out? I’ve experienced natural hair gel products that have either left white flaky residue on my hair, made my curls hard or sucked all of the moisture out of my strands that I took so much time and effort to infuse in. You’ve probably been down this road too.

Since there are so many natural hair gel products on the market that sound like they may be the right fit but, you won’t really know what works best for your curls until you try it. Shopping for a hair gel is almost like shopping for books: You can’t judge it by its cover or in this case, by its packaging. It’s true: The gels that you’d assume won’t do anything for your hair or hair type are surprisingly the ones you’ll end up loving. Don’t believe me? Here’s my testimony featuring some of my favorites:

Natural Hair Gel: The Gels Definitely Worth Trying

At one point in my natural hair journey, I wanted to only spend my dollars on brands that were specifically for African-American hair types. For me, this meant the creators of the product knew exactly what I am looking for in a product (don’t get me wrong many of them do), and no matter what I buy, it’ll work for me. Wrong! I can’t tell you how many products, especially natural hair gels, I’ve passed on to friends (I couldn’t throw them away after spending so much money) because they just didn’t deliver. It was very disappointing, to say the least.

TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Firm Control Gel

Over the years, I grew tired of looking at my bank statement and seeing how much money I was spending on products that just didn’t work for me. What did I do? I started to look at affordable, household name brands to see if I was definitely “judging”—and I was. The first on my list was the TRESemmé Firm Control Hair Gel. My first thoughts, I’m probably not the girl with the curls for this particular product but I tried it anyway. My assumptions about the gel were completely wrong, it, in fact, blew my mind. When I applied it to my hair, I couldn’t believe how hydrating it was and when I began to style the definition was beyond. Like we all like to say: “My curls were popping!” As far as hold goes, this is a firm control gel, so when I hear firm, I think crunch. Wrong again! The formula definitely keeps your curls intact without the stiff feeling. For me, I only use this gel once a week to style my hair and that’s all I need.


TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Firm Control Gel

TRESemme Tres Two Extra Firm Control Hair Gel

Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Curl Defining Gel Serum

You know when you just want a style with a light hold but you still want your hair to be moisturized, defined and shiny? This is where this gel serum by Suave came in for me. This lightweight formula conditions like a serum and smells like heaven, all while providing the hold of a gel. What stood out to me the most about this natural hair gel was that it provided conditioning and definition without the heavy feel. This is a product that I definitely wish existed during the beginning of my natural hair journey.

Suave Professionals Firm Control Sculpting Gel

This product is next on my list. I haven’t tried it as yet because I’ve been having fun wearing my hair curly. This would be ideal for lazy mornings when you’d like to wear a sleek bun or even pulling your hair up into a chic updo for a special event. What’s to love about this gel? It has a great hold and the formula contains Humidity Defense Complex which will help tame frizz. That sounds like a bonus in my book!

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