TRESemme Tres Two Extra Firm Control Hair Gel

What’s in My Hair Today: Extra Firm Control Gel

Keeping curls cool and under control during the summer heat with this hair gel.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I wanted to wear a fluffy blowout for the entire summer, that was up until this week. The summer heat has touched every part of my mind, body, soul and my hair! I don’t want to do anything but wear my hair up into a bun or curly poof, having my thick hair brush against my skin while I sweat isn’t the best recipe for a good hair day, so an updo is up my alley. For me, though, curly updos like pineapple hairstyles require a bit of hold with the help of a firm control gel. This week, I got my hands on TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Firm Control Gel because my hair needs all of the control there is during this summer heat wave. Here’s how it worked for me:

Beating the Summer Heat with Extra Firm Control Gel

firm control gel on pineapple hairstyle
To style my hair into an updo like this, a firm control gel helps tame flyaways and keep the base neat. Photo credit: Susan Cohen Photography

My mom told me that she relaxed my hair when I was younger because every time I went outside after she blowdried it, it would curl back up because of the humidity. While that’s really no reason to relax one’s hair (sorry, Mom) I understand how this was a pain. But, once you know how to style and deal with your hair, this won’t bother you at all. I know what works for me, so during this time updo hairstyles are my BFF.

After washing my hair and air-drying it in two-strand twist. I undo all of my twists and pull my hair up into a pineapple ponytail. Before creating my ponytail though, I squirt a quarter size amount of TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Firm Control Gel into my hands, then smooth onto the base of my hair. I use a boar bristle brush to help me spread the product through and to help lay my curls texture down.

What I absolutely love about this gel (besides its awesome fragrance), is that it’s made with a formula that doesn’t get hard or feels sticky. It’s often difficult to find a gel that provides great hold without the rock-hard gel cast that’s formed onto the surface of the hair. The holding prowess of this gel gave me the ability to style my hair into a neat updo despite the humid conditions. Heat beaten, my friends.

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