20 Best Haircuts for Thin Hair that Make Your Strands Feel Voluminous

The best haircuts for thin hair are more varied than you would think. 

When you have thin hair, people often strive to choose haircuts or styles that’ll make their hair appear thicker and more voluminous. This can include everything from adding in layers, to choosing a blunt cut or a side swept part. Plus, even your hair products can play a huge role in the appearance of your haircut too. For some instant inspiration, check out some of our favorite best haircuts for thin hair to help you decide on your next cut.

20 Best Haircuts for Thin Hair to Add in More Volume

In need of some inspiration for your next haircut? If you have thin hair and are looking for a way to add more body and volume to your strands, check out these haircuts for thin hair below.

1. Short Pixie

girl with pixie cut on thin hair
A dense cut adds volume to your look.

Short haircuts for thin hair are the best. Going for the full chop and getting a pixie cut will show off your thin hair really nicely! Ask your stylist to keep the cut a little longer on the top. This cut is dense in contrast with the shorter hair on the sides and back and will make the top of your hair look more voluminous. You can also style the top of your hair upwards to give the illusion of more volume. Use just a bit of the TRESemmé Tres Two Ultra Firm Control Gel to set your style.

2. Blunt Bob

girl with a blunt bob
Go for a blunt, bold cut.

The best haircuts for thin hair are shorter because a longer length can pull down on your hair and make it fall flat. Flat hair will only look thinner, so snipping off a few inches is the way to go. A chin-length blunt bob is a great choice if you still want some length to experiment with styles like curling or braiding but want added volume.

3. Go for Layers

long layered blonde hair
The best haircuts for thin hair are layered.

Adding some layers to your thin hair can really help to make it look more voluminous. If you get layers, you can curl the ends of your hair upwards for more volume. This look helps to create depth and volume as you experiment with a new way to wear your medium-length cut.

For additional volume, try Dove RE+AL Bio-Mimetic Revolumize Coconut + Vegan Collagen Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Silicone-Free Conditioner. Infused with plant-derived keratin, which is equivalent to your hair’s own protein, these products help to thicken, strengthen, and add volume to your tresses.

4. Side Bangs

girl with side bangs on thin hair
Try a side-bang style.

To add more volume around your face, consider getting bangs. Side bangs are a good choice that adds volume and lift to your thin hair. You can also opt to curl your bangs underneath to create even more volume. Be sure to tap into your bang trimming skills before going for this look.

5. Side Part

side part on thin hair
A side part is a game changer for thin hair.

Changing up your part can give you instant volume. A deep-side part puts much more hair on one side, giving it a larger look. Get even more volume by blowdrying your hair in the opposite direction of the part. That way, your roots will stick up straighter and give you a more voluminous look. After you create your style, use some of the the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Flexible Finish Hairspray to lock your look in place.

6. Chic Lob

girl with lob for thin hair
Opt for a lob with your thinner hair.

Going a little longer with a shoulder-grazing lob instead of a bob gives you more options to style your hair. Curling under a longer lob will give you more volume at the ends of your hair. You can always work in a little more volume at the root by gently teasing your hair.

7. Angled Bob

girl with angled bob
Add a twist to a commonly blunt style.

An angled bob is an exciting way to add variation to a blunt cut. This adds just a bit more interest and movement than a typical blunt bob. To help further add more volume to your hair, use a shampoo and conditioner, like Suave Up The Volume Shampoo and Conditioner.

8. Short Shag

girl with shag on thing hair
A short, subtle shag adds volume to thin hair.

A subtle, short shag can help to create an optical illusion, which makes your hair look fuller. This is all thanks to the choppiness and movement the layers create. Plus, adding bangs will help further draw the eye away from thinner ends.

9. Flipped-Out Ends

haircuts for thin hair ombre hair flip
Add a body with a flipped-out look. Photo credit: Unsplash.com

Flipping out the ends of your hair is a great way to add more fullness and bounce at the bottom of your haircut. This will help avoid your strands from looking weighed and thinner.

10. Mid-Length with Long Layers

girl with blonde hair mid length
Try a mid-length cut with long layers to add movement.

A mid-length layered haircut with long layers helps add movement to thin hair. The key is to keep the layers minimal to get that movement while keeping the fullness in your strands.

11. Bixie Haircut

haircuts for thin hair short brown bob
An effortless bixie haircut. Photo credit: Unsplash.com

Combining pixie and bob, the bixie is one of the best volumizing haircuts for thin hair because it helps keep an elevated shape without too much styling.

12. Butterfly Haircut

haircuts for thin hair blonde long hair butterfly cut
A viral butterfly haircut you should try. Photo credit: Unsplash.com

If you’re looking for round face haircuts for thin hair that visibly elongates your face, try the trendy butterfly hairstyle. Because of layers, it also helps long hair to look fuller.

13. Shoulder Blades Haircut

haircuts for thin hair long brown wavy hair
One of the best lengths for thin hair. Photo credit: Pexels.com

Shoulder-length haircuts for thin hair are good, but what if you want your hair to be longer? We suggest you stop at the shoulder blade’s length, which still can look voluminous, especially with slight waves.

14. Graduated Haircut

haircuts for thin hair blonde hair highlights bob
A slightly rounded shape of the graduated haircut. Photo credit: Unsplash.com

Graduated bob can be inverted, but it’s not the same. This method is good for many haircuts and just adds a slightly rounded shape to simplify the styling process and achieve the voluminous effect.

15. Curtain Bangs

haircuts for thin hair brown hair bangs
Curtain bangs are so varied and suitable for everyone. Photo credit: Unsplash.com

Any haircut you choose will become volumizing if you add curtain bangs. Long and separated in the middle bangs will make your style visibly thicker.

16. Bowl Haircut

haircuts for thin hair blonde bowl haircut
Bowl or mushroom cut is famous for its voluminous effect. Photo credit: Unsplash.com

An even and slightly elevated cut at the back of the head adds volume to your strands if you’re not afraid to experiment with short styles and spot new trends.

17. Mullet Haircut

haircuts for thin hair blonde violet highlights mullet
Highlights for the fuller effect. Photo credit: Unsplash.com

The mullet and other haircuts from the 70s are the best for voluminous hairstyle creation because they are all about layers and different hair lengths. Now the trend is back and worth trying!

18. Choppy Cut

haircuts for thin hair choppy bob blonde
A bob haircut with choppy ends. Photo credit: Unsplash.com

Slightly uneven cuts and choppy hair ends will add a voluminous effect to any style and length you choose. Also, don’t hesitate to make your strands a little bit messy and tousled.

19. Thick Fringe Cut

haircuts for thin hair long copper red hair fringe
The thick fringe looks like thick hair. Photo credit: Unsplash.com

When you want your hair to look thicker, it’s always better to have bangs or fringe than not. Don’t worry about taking strands from your hair to cut bangs because the visible effect will be voluminous anyway.

20. Asymmetric Haircut

woman asymmetrical short haircut violet hair
Asymmetry is the key to the additional volume. Photo credit: Unsplash.com

You can style your hair with a deep side part or ask your hairdresser for an asymmetrical haircut from the start. Side-swept hair will always look fuller and more elegant.

From angled bob to layered styles, the best haircuts for thin hair can be adaptable no matter your style.

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