The 6 Best Haircuts for Thin Hair in Your 40s

The best haircuts for thin hair are more varied than you would think. 

As we age, our hair can start to thin. When this happens, you’ll have to figure out the best haircuts for thin hair that’ll allow you to add define your look as you add volume to your hair. Plus, you’ll likely be wanting a style that taps into your personality while also being easy and simple to create. For some instant inspiration, check out some of our favorite best haircuts for thin hair to help you decide on your next cut.

Best Haircuts for Thin Hair: 6 Ways to Add in More Volume

best haircuts for thin hair
Extra length on top gives the illusion of volume.

1. Short Pixie

With thin hair, the best way to fake volume is to lose some length. Going for the full chop and getting a pixie cut will show off your thin hair really nicely! Ask your stylist to keep the cut a little longer on the top. The contrast with the shorter hair on the sides and back will make the top of your hair look more voluminous. You can also style the top of your hair upwards to give the illusion of more volume. Use just a bit of the TRESemmé Tres Two Ultra Firm Control Gel to set your style.

best haircuts for thin hair
The shorter the hair the less weight to make your hair droop.

2. Chin Sweeping Bob

The best haircuts for thin hair are on the shorter side because a longer length can pull down on your hair and make it fall flat. Flat hair will only look thinner, so snipping off a few inches is the way to go. A chin length bob is a great choice if you still want some length to experiment with styles like curling it or braiding it.

best haircuts for thin hair
Let your layers fly free!

3. Go for Layers

Adding in some layers to your thin hair can really help to make it look more voluminous. If you get layers, you can curl the ends of your hair upwards for more volume. This look helps to create depth and volume as you experiment with a new way to wear your medium-length cut.

best haircuts for thin hair pixie
Take your hair to the side for a polished look for thin hair.

4. Side Bangs

To add more volume around your face, consider getting bangs. Side bangs are a good choice that works to add volume and lift to your thin hair. You can also opt to curl your bangs underneath to create even more volume. Be sure to tap into your bang trimming skills before going for this look.

best hairstyles for thin hair side part
Going for a side part can be a fun way to change up your look.

5. Side Part

Changing up your part can give you instant volume. A deep-side part puts much more hair on one side, giving it a larger look. Get even more volume by blowdrying your hair in the opposite direction of the part. That way your roots will stick up straighter and give you a more voluminous look. After you created your style, use some of the the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Flexible Finish Hairspray to lock your look in place.

best haircuts for thin hair
With a lob you don’t need to sacrifice your length to get an airy style.

6. Chic Lob

Going a little longer with a shoulder grazing lob instead of a bob gives you more options to style your hair. Curling under a longer lob will give you more volume at the ends of your hair. You can always work in a little more volume at the root by teasing your hair ever so gently.

Want to learn how to style the best haircuts for thin hair? Check out our styling tips for thin hair

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