10 Best Short Feathered Hairstyles To Try This Season

Turn the short feathered hairstyles trend from the '70s and the '80s into a modern short haircuts with these stylish ideas.

Some may say that feathered hairstyles are a thing of the past. We, however, feel that short feathered hairstyles are back on the rise with a brand-new and modern spin. For some inspiration, we gathered looks from women who have short haircuts down pat. From the pixie to staggered layers, we’ve found short haircuts that work for virtually everyone. This collection features styles that work for a range of ages, hair types, and textures.

Feathered Haircuts for Short Hair

Read on and scroll through our gallery of these modern and stylish feathered hairstyles:

1. Flipped Ends on Short Haircuts

older woman with flipped ends hairstyle
Tired of the same old look? Flip your ends for a change on short hair cuts. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Curling your hair in the opposite direction is a great way to add some flair to short hairstyles. Try your hand at short, floppy hairstyles like those above with just a few simple steps. Wash, blowout, and flip the ends with a curling iron. Easy, right? For added volume before styling, use Suave Root Lifting Volume Boosting Spray. All you need to do is spritz this at the roots to achieve more body before styling your strands. We love this product because it gives you more volume with additional grip and holds, which makes styling so much easier.

2. Messy Feathered Layers on Hairstyles for Short Hair

short feathered hairstyles
Add feathered layers in your regular bob.

Messy short hairstyles look even better with a set of feathered layers. To achieve textured short haircuts like this one, it’s all about the styling technique and the products you use. Rough drying with a blowdryer after using a texturizing salt spray will do the trick. Liberally spray the product throughout clean, damp hair, then rough-dry with a blowdryer. Set your look in place with a flexible hold hairspray, and you’re set!

3. Voluminous Feathered Crop

woman wearing voluminous short feathered hairstyle
Boost your feathered style with a bit of volume for a fuller look with short hairstyles. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Keep your look full of life with a hair care system that helps create a fuller look. For fine hair types, opt for TRESemmé Pro Pure Light Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. Washing and conditioning with this system and an effective blowdrying routine shall do the trick and give volume to short hairstyles.

4. Wispy Pixie

woman wearing pixie version of short feathered hairstyles
A short feathered pixie cut is the easiest look of them all.

Short wispy hairstyles, like pixies with layers, are among the most sought-after low-maintenance short haircuts for women regarding short feathered hairstyles. Like those voluminous short haircuts for women, the key is keeping your hair full, light, and airy.

5. Visible Layers

visible feather layers
Show off those wing-like layers!

This beautiful feathered haircut is ideal if you really want to show off wing-like layers. It adds volume and movement with its upwards shape without adding extra weight to your mane. Don’t forget to seal your styling with TRESemmé Dry Texture Finishing Spray

6. Layered Pixie With a Fringe

layered pixie with fringe
Try this pixie with a voluminous feathery fringe!

When it comes to super short feather hair, a pixie with a voluminous fringe is both low maintenance and stylish. Really enhance your fiery layers with a hair spray like Nexxus Maxximum Finishing Mist, created to keep your hairdo firm without adding crunch.

7. Choppy Feathered Layers

older woman with beach waves on short hair
Revamp your short hair with a choppy bob.

One of our favorite feathered hairstyles is this choppy bob. This style is ideal if you have mid-length tresses that need a revamp. It’s a great way to wear your hair in a short haircut without sacrificing the ability to put it up.

8. Flash of Pink

short feathered hair pink
Add a flash of pastel pink hair color.

Pair your short feathered haircut with a flash of pastel pink hair color. We love the way this light pink hue perfectly complements the bleach-blonde base of this style. This feathered haircut is styled with height to create a lifted effect.

9. The Mini Mullet

short feathered hair mini mullet
Short feathered hair is everywhere right now.

When you look at short feathered hairstyles through the lens of the ever-present mullet, you end up with the mini mullet. Feathered on all sides, this short layered style helps you nail the mullet trend with ease.

10. Tousled

short feathered hair tousled
Skip the styling.

Skip the styling and instead wear your short, feathered hair in a tousled, undone way. This look is reminiscent of the bowl haircut, and requires minimal to no styling. It’s all about the undone vibes!

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