4 Blow Dryer Hairstyles You’ve Got to Test Out

Get the scoop on how to nail these stunning blow dryer styles.

When it comes to hot tools, there is one tool that absolutely everyone needs to have: the blow dryer. Besides the obvious need to dry your hair efficiently, it’s also a pretty powerful styling tool that can go far beyond the blowout. And blow dryer hairstyles are so diverse: They help you sculpt your own looks on freshly polished hair and provide the foundation for a myriad of looks, from straight and sleek to voluminous and curly styles. To inspire you to try out a new heat style, we’re sharing four blow dryer hairstyles that you need to know. Read on:

the four blow dryer hairstyles you need to know
The baby steps blow dryer hairstyle.

1. Curled Under

This first style is the easiest. Curling your hair under with a blow dryer is super easy to do and it lets you practice working with a dryer and brush. For anyone with hair longer than a bob, you can create this style in a snap! You just need a good hair dryer and a round brush, like Ibiza B5 Round Hair Brush. The size of this brush is perfect for getting that gentle bend.

Start off this style with your freshly washed hair, detangled and parted where you like. Roughly dry your hair until it’s around 90% dry. With your hair just that little bit damp, break out that round brush. Hold your dryer with your dominant hand and then brush with the other! Using the concentrator nozzle on the dryer, direct the airflow down over your hair and onto the brush. Focusing the brush and dryer just on the ends of your hair gives you the curled-under look.

the four blow dryer hairstyles you need to know
An easy, bouncy look we love. Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com

2. Voluminous and Bouncy

To get a big and bouncy look without curls, you can still use the same brush! Using a big, round brush when drying your hair helps to give those gentle bends. It’s the gentle bends that we love so much for this style. The results are sexy but wearable for the everyday.

We suggest getting your hair about 80% dry before heading in with a brush. Use the brush to help you hold your roots straight up. This will let you dry your hair upright, which keeps your roots voluminous all day! Then, dry the rest of your hair using the round brush. Alternate over and underhand sections to get a varied effect to your hair.

the four blow dryer hairstyles you need to know
Who needs a curling iron?

3. Breezy Curls

How could you not love these curls? We love how versatile they are; you can wear them down, or work them into plenty of cute updos.

If you do want to work more volume into your style, we suggest using Dove Style+Care Volume Amplifier Mousse to prep the look. This mousse adds volume, and it’s also great for helping your curls last longer. This style is just a bit harder to do, so you’ll need to have some confidence with your drying skills. Take small sections of your damp hair and roll them around the brush. Wait until that section is fully dry and then gently unravel the brush. Take that same section and roll it back up before pinning it into a pin curl to allow your hair to fully dry. When your hair is completely dry, take down the pin curls and rock those voluminous curlicues.

the four blow dryer hairstyles you need to know
Blow dryer hairstyles: The perfect sultry, wavy curls. Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com

4. Sleek and Sexy Curls

We are pretty obsessed with these modern, sexy curls. They are so soft and shiny, we can’t help but adore them. The key to getting this sleek look is to start with a hair serum. Hair serums, like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Serum, are perfect for taming down frizz and flyaways and adding shine to your hair. Use a dime-sized amount of the serum (a little goes a log way!) and apply throughout your damp or dry hair. Then use your blow dryer to style the curls by rolling each section to your jawline. This gives the bottom half of your hair that loose curl, adding to that sultry look.