Mastering Your Hair Dryer Attachments

Accessories make the hairstyle!

No, they aren’t called thingamabobs, nor are they just meant to make the shipping and handling of your new blowdryer a tad heavier. The hair dryer attachments that come with your store-bought dryer are actually meant to efficiently optimize your styling time and give you more professional-looking results.

How to Use Your Hair Dryer Attachments

Different hair dryer attachments offer, quite obviously, different results, depending on the look you’re going for. Allow us to illustrate:

hair dryer attachments blowdryer
A concentrator nozzle is best for structured styles.

1. Concentrator Nozzles

Typically round on one end (to attach to your blowdryer’s nozzle) and tapered to a flat slit on the other, these direct or focus the airflow for a smoother, more concentrated (hence the name!) styling. They help give you control over the shape of your style, making these the ideal hair dryer attachments for smooth, sleek, straight blowouts.

How to use: Using a medium heat setting and your hair over a round brush, direct the concentrator nozzle downwards, from roots to ends, for a more structured blowout. Repeat the process on the same section, but this time with a blast of cool air for shine.

hair dryer attachments diffuser
Work upwards to gently dry out your curls.

2. Diffusers

As the name suggests, these hair dryer attachments disperse hot air over a wider pronged surface to minimize frizz, making it ideal for drying wavy to curly hair types. Some diffusers come with a mesh covering instead of brush-like prongs, which can allow for more democratic wiggling (read: you can get more careless and not worry as much about your hair getting caught!).

How to use: As opposed to concentrator nozzles, which work better from top to bottom, diffusers are meant to be used in an upwards motion. Position your diffuser at the ends of your hair, then gently wiggle back and forth to dry hair and sculpt curls with its more gentle airflow.

3. Picks

Hair picks are those hair dryer attachments that look like combs—some dryers might come with two versions, one short (for shorter hair) and a longer one for longer hair. They are meant to create volume and lift on hair, as a regular hair pick does.

How to use: Position the hair pick at the root or base of the hairstyle, and run hair through the prongs while drying, with a slight lifting motion. Much like how gently tugging hair up with our fingers while blowdrying helps create lift, a hair pick helps shoot more volume into the root area and give it hold.

Want more expert blowdrying tips? Check out our tutorial on how to get the perfect salon-sleek blowout.

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