You Go Curl: How to Use a Blow Dryer to Curl Hair and Add Volume

Dry and curl your hair all at once.

Calling all blowout die hards! Did you know that you can create that angelic voluminous curly look with a blow dryer? Oh, yeah, totally possible. So long as you can do a standard blowout at home, you can add in a few techniques to make it a curly blowout. Because dream hair is truly possible. If voluminous yet curly hair is the goal, we’ve got the tricks you need. Read on to learn how to curl hair with a blow dryer.

Blow Dryer Hacks: Voluminous Curls While You Dry Your Hair

blow dryer to create curls
These tools of the trade are a must!

1. Use the right tools.

Before you can get started you’ll need the right tools, of course! If you’re doing blowouts regularly, we suggest you get a professional blow dryer where you can control the speed and heat. It’s also a major bonus if it has an effective cool setting. You’ll also need a somewhat small round brush. We like the Nexxus Ibiza Yolles Ceramic Boar Hair Brush because it has air holes through the center to evenly heat the hair. Last tools you’ll need are alligator clips or bobby pins.

2. Prep your hair.

One of the most important steps to getting the perfect home blowout is prepping your hair. The right products will make sure your hair stays curled and voluminous. Start off by making sure the middle to ends of your hair will hold that curl. Use the Bed Head By TIGI Totally Baked Meringue Styling Prep. It helps to add some volume but it really shines at making your style stick around.

As for your roots, you’ll want something a little more voluminous. Apply a little less than a golf ball size amount of the Dove Style+Care Volume Amplifier Mousse. It will make sure your roots stick up right where you want them.

3. Rough dry your hair.

To make your life so much easier, roughly blow-dry your hair until it is about 80% dry. This will make the rest of your hair drying experience much easier to complete. It also helps to make the style less damaging because you aren’t directing so much heat to small sections.

4. Section off your hair.

Section off your hair horizontally in at least three layers. The thicker your hair is, the more sections you’ll need to create. It’ll be even easier if you section from the top working your way down. This way the next section is ready when you finish the one beneath it.

5. Over-direct your roots.

To get volume in your roots, you’ll need to do some over-directing. This is super easy, all you need to do is blow-dry your roots upwards. Use the round brush to help you pull your roots upwards.

using a blow dryer to create amazing curls
The secret to curled hair with a blow dryer.

6. Create your curl.

After setting the roots, keep using the brush to help you smooth and dry your hair. When the section of hair is almost dry, roll your hair all the way up the brush. Then hit the brush with a blast of hot air for a few seconds. This is why it is so helpful to have a brush with air holes. When the section is totally dry, blast it again with the blow dryer set to cool.

7. Pin your hair up.

When the section is mostly cool, gently unravel it from the brush. You’ll want to make sure you don’t accidentally create any knots. Roll your hair back up around your fingers and pin into place like a pin curl. This makes sure the curls will set and hold in place.

8. Cool your hair and release.

Keep repeating these steps until your hair is all dry and pinned up. Finish getting ready (do your makeup, get dressed, have a boogie) and your hair should be set. Release the pins and shake out your curls! Set your whole style with a good mist (or two) of the Bed Head By TIGI Full Of It Volume Hairspray.

Want to learn more about how to master styles with a blow dryer? Check out more about how to master the blow dryer diffuser.

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