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How To Get Sexy Waves With Hot Rollers

Flawless waves in minutes.

Nothing wins our hearts more than being able to score a red carpet-worthy hairstyle right at home. Even better when we master the use of longtime trustworthy styling tools our hairstylists and grandmothers have mastered! One such tool is hot rollers. They’re so easy to use and there are so many styles we can achieve with them, like sexy, stylish waves. Using these heated hair rollers gives you the ability to multi-task while a flawless hairstyle does its magic without any heat! Seriously, how can you not love this tool? Whether you’re prepping for a night on the town, experimenting with a new look or channeling the waves your mom rocked graciously and effortlessly back in the day, read on to learn how you can score your best waves yet with hot rollers.

Sexy Waves from Hot Rollers


hot rollers creating waves
Achieve stunning waves with hot rollers.

Before we begin, a primer: Hot rollers usually come as a set that includes a variation of roller sizes. If you’re looking to get big, sexy waves, opt for the larger rollers, and use the smaller for a tighter set of waves. You can also mix and match to create volume by placing the larger rollers at the crown of your head. But of course, the length of your hair will also determine the roller size you decide to choose: Short hair, smaller rollers; long hair, larger rollers. Whichever you choose, do what works best for you. We’re sure your hair will come out amazing regardless.

Step 1: Start with dry hair.

Begin with smooth, straight and untangled dry hair. If you need to detangle, gently brush from the ends to the root.

Step 2: Apply some hair mousse.

Liberally apply a mousse like Nexxus Styling Mousse Plus for texture and volume. You want to end up with waves with a movable texture, giving you the ability to style hair however you want.

Step 3: Part your hair.

Make a part at your crown from ear to ear to divide hair into two workable sections. Pin away the top section with a sectioning clip, and start working with the back section of your hair first.

Step 4: Add your rollers in place.

Taking small sections of your hair, place the hot roller at the mid-shaft, then wrap the mid-shaft to the end of your hair around the roller in a clockwise motion. Once this area is securely wrapped around the roller, finish that section by rolling the hot roller all the way down to your scalp. Repeat this all over your head and secure with the clips provided with your hot roller kit. If you have self-grip rollers, just leave them in place.   

Step 5: Allow rollers to set.

Allow the rollers to set and cool completely for about 25-30 minutes before you remove. If you remove prematurely,  your waves won’t form properly. Make sure you allow your rollers to sit on the hair for the recommended time frame as advised.

Step 6: Remove the hot rollers.

Remove all clips and hot rollers. Allow the hair to cascade down naturally and use your fingers to gently rake through your roots remove any parts from your sections.

Step 7: Comb your hair.

Using a rat-tail comb, create a deep side part or a middle part to style your waves or create an individual style. If you want to you create a more glamorous style, brush the hair with a paddle brush to create a more uniform wave as opposed to a tousled look. Spritz on some of the Nexxus New York Salon Care Maxximum Finishing Spray to set your sexy waves in place.

Hot and sexy waves are easy to achieve with some simple steps. Play around with a different roller size next time to switch up your look. There are no limits here!  

Have you tried this hot roller tutorial for sexy waves?

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