Look We Love: Blowout Hairstyles for Short Hair

Because, yes, you can get a blowout on short hair. 

We think the best blowout hairstyles for short hair are the ones that are so easy you can do it at home. As complicated as the at-home blowout can seem, it isn’t that bad once you get the hang of holding the brush and positioning the blowdryer at the correct angle. Before you start, you’ll want to figure out what blowout hairstyle that you’ll be trying on your short hair. After all, not all blowout styles are the same! To inspire your look this, we’re sharing ten of our favorite blowout hairstyles for short hair that you can easily try:

1. Perfectly Straight

blowout hairstyles for short hair straight
Wear it sleek and straight.

Getting blowout hairstyles for short hair to end up perfectly straight can be kind of tricky. Instead of using the traditional round brush for the entire blowout, you’ll need to also use a paddle brush. Blow-dry your hair until it’s about 90% dry with a round brush so your hair will have body. End your blowout with a flat brush to get a perfectly straight finish.

2. Bendy and Voluminous

blowout hairstyles for short hair volume
Hit two trends at the same time.

If bendy hair is more your thing, start your blowout by using some mousse. Mousse isn’t for crunchy curls anymore. Now you can use TIGI Copyright Custom Create Volume Lift Styling Spray to achieve voluminous straight hair. Spray the product through your roots and ends. Then do a normal at-home blowout with a round brush. You’ll be left with perfectly voluminous, bendy hair.

3. Piecey Layers

blowout hairstyles for short hair piecey layers
Try a piecey blowout look.

To get this pretty, piecey look you’ll need to do a slight twist on your blowout. Instead of using a round brush to curl your hair under, use it to curl your hair upwards. This will give you tons of volume and a gorgeous vintage look.

4. Subtle Waves

blowout hairstyles for short hair subtle waves
Show off your subtle waves.

We love when blowout hairstyles for short hair incorporate subtle waves. They are the perfect way to get a little extra body into shorter hair without using multiple tools. When doing your home blowout, get subtle curves by turning the brush angle when you get to the middle of the shaft. As you finish drying each section of hair, twist it around a few times to set the curve. When you’re done comb through your fresh blowout with your fingers.

5. Piecey Pixie

blowout hairstyles for short hair pixie
Try this piecey look.

The piecey pixie look used to be very ’90s but when done correctly, it can look super modern and chic. To get the modern look, you’ll want to make sure you get body at the root of your hair. This will mean blowdrying the roots upwards.

6. Sleek and Smooth

blowout hairstyles for short hair sleek
Try a classic sleek style.

Create the sleekest blowout of your life by prepping your hair with Dove Style+Care Smooth and Shine Heat Protection Spray before you blow-dry. Use a paddle brush to create a sleek silhouette and run over the ends of your hair with a straightener to seal in that sleek look.

7. Rough Dry

blowout hairstyles for short hair rough dry
Ideal for when you’re in a rush.

Ideal for those mornings when you hit snooze one too many times, the rough dry is as easy at it sounds. Wash your hair, squeeze out excess water, and use your fingers and a blow dryer to rough dry your hair.

8. Accessorize

blowout hairstyles for short hair
Rough dry your hair and accessorize.

Take that rough dried look up a notch by adding some sparkly accessories.

9. Ocean Waves

blowout hairstyles for short hair
Bring the ocean to your hair on the daily.

Give your blowout a beachy edge by applying Nexxus Between Washes Beach Waves Tousled Texture Sea Salt Spray to your damp strands before you blow-dry.

10. Upside Down Volume

blowout hairstyles or short hair upside down volume
Use this quick hack for added volume.

This hack is an All Things Hair favorite and for good reason, too. Flip your head upside down when you blow dry to create a super voluminous look in minutes.

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