Need a new hair regimen?
Need a new hair regimen?

Understand Your Strands by Asking What Color is My Hair

It seems self-explanatory but this is the reason you need to ask yourself, "What color hair do I have?" before choosing a new shade.

Before deciding on a new hair color it’s important to be able to answer the question, “What color is my hair?” It may sound like a self explanatory topic but when it comes to hair color it’s important to consult and understand the hair color wheel before you commit. You’ll make the most educated decision if you start by answering the question, “What color is my hair?” Once you’ve determined what color your hair is and taken time to understand the color wheel then you’re ready to choose a new shade. Check out this collection of hair colors to decide which color is best for you:

Colors to Try After Asking, “What Color Is My Hair?”

what color is my hair black hair
Try this even shade of jet black hair after determining what color hair do you have.

1. Jet Black

Go as dark as you can by opting for a jet black shade of hair color. This shade is bold and beautiful and looks especially striking against pale skin. The great thing about this hair color is that while it works particularly well with pale skin, it flatters all skin tones across the board.

what color is my hair white blonde
This on-trend color will flatter your pale skin.

2. White Blonde

Another hair color that works for those with porcelain skin, this white blonde shade is the lightest option in the collection. This is a challenging option for women who have naturally dark hair as it will require a lot of bleach and processing to achieve a shade this light. No matter what your base color is, you’ll benefit from using Bed Head by TIGI Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo to maintain that cool hue and keep out any brassiness.

Need a new hair regimen?
what color is my hair rooted blonde
A classic rooted blonde look.

3. Rooted Blonde

This shade of blonde is a little bit easier for natural brunettes to achieve. It’s not quite as light as the shade above and by keeping your roots dark you’re ensuring a flattering and natural color remains near your face.

what color is my hair red
A fiery and even shade of red hair.

4. Classic Red

This bright shade of classic red hair color is one of our favorites. While it’s important to switch to a color protection shampoo and conditioning system regardless of the hair color you choose, it’s especially important for vibrant colors like this one. We suggest Suave Professionals Color Protection Shampoo and Suave Professionals Color Protection Conditioner to help you hold onto your color so it doesn’t fade.


what color is my hair red brown
A warmer red might be better for you.

5. Warm Red

There are certain skin tones that work better with warmer hair colors. This warm shade of red hair color is ideal for those women who want to find that careful balance between fiery and warm.

what color is my hair medium brown
Try an easy and cool shade of medium brown.

6. Medium Brown

This medium shade of brown is flattering on virtually everyone. It’s cool, easy and laid-back in the best way.

what color is my hair flat brown
This deep brown shade is one of our favorites.

7. Dark Brown

If you’re not quite ready for jet black hair but you’re looking for something bolder the that medium brown color we featured above then this is the shade for you.

what color is my hair deep brunette
We love this deep shade of brunette with red undertones.

8. Deep Brunette

Alternatively, you can add red highlights and undertones to a classic brown color for a little bit of dimension.

what color is my hair brunette light ends
Lighten up your ends.

9. Light Ends

If you’re worried about doing a lot of damage to your hair throughout the coloring process than this is the style for you. Lighten just the ends for a change of pace without going too far overboard.

what color is my hair blonde highlights
There’s a lot of depth and dimension in this style.

10. Blonde Highlights

Lighten up just the top layer of your hair with blonde highlights.

Looking for more hair color ideas? Check out 48 of the prettiest hair color ideas for long hair

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Need a new hair regimen?
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