Get The Intergalactic Look With These Holographic Hair Colors

Get the other-worldly look with holographic hair.

One of the hottest trends in hair styling is holographic hair. The trend is basically all over the web, with celebs and Insta-inspos all over the globe dying their hair into this galactic color scheme. It’s a cosmic swirl of colors that’s both captivating and fun, and we’ll never get enough of it.

In need of some fun new color to your hair? Then check out our favorite trend: the holographic hair!

16 Trendy Holographic Hair Looks

holographic hair perriwinkle
Some periwinkle holographic locks will take your hairstyles to new levels

1. Periwinkle

A periwinkle bas color for your holographic hair will make your unique tresses stand out from the crowd!

holographic hair sky blue
Make your holographic locks with a sky blue tint.

2. Sky Blue

A bright, light sky blue will make your vibrant locks pop effortlessly. Make your color last longer without fading by washing your hair with Tresemmé Keratin Smooth Color Shampoo and Tresemmé Keratin Smooth Color Conditioner.





holographic hair ombre
Upgrade your ombré with holographic ends.

3. Ombré

Give this classic style a major step up by incorporating holographic color!

holographic hair pastel
Get a unique holographic look by making the color slightly pastel.

4. Pastel

Make your holographic locks muted and matte with this cool pastel effect. If you’d like to give your pastel locks an extra boost of shine, then use the Nexxus Humectress Encapsulate Serum when styling your hair.



Woman with blue hair
Switch up your style with holographic roots

5. Holographic Roots

These roots were made for only the boldest and bravest of fashionistas.

holographic hair tips
Not ready to turn your whole head into a holographic wonderland? Then dye the tips for a cosmic effect.

6. Dyed Tips

If you’re into a more subtle look, some dyed tips will do just the trick for your hair.

holographic hair dark
If you’re into darker colors, this dark blue color will give you an effect you’ll love.

7. Dark Holograph

Want a darker approach to the average holographic trend? Then go for a darker blue for a deep, Milky Way-esque affect.

holographic hair pale
Take the holographic hair trend a step up with pale locks.

8. Pale

Don’t let the name fool you, some pale holographic hair will make a bright and bold statement. Give your pastel locks some texture with the Bed Head by TIGI Stick.



holographic hair teal
Add a bit of green to create this teal effect.

9. Teal

This captivating color is guaranteed to make your hair runway-ready. Just add a bit of green to your holographic hair and you have perfectly teal-colored galactic hair!

holographic hair iced
An icy look like this one is sure to turn heads.

10. Icy

These icy holographic locks are almost too cool for us. Just a few touches of blue hue on bleached locks can create this icy-blue affect.

holographic hair ultraviolet
This ultraviolet color is too good to pass on.

11. Ultraviolet

These ultraviolet locks are screaming “Insta-ready.”

holographic hair pink
If you’re not a fan of blue, but still want to hop on the holographic hair trend, then try pink holographic locks!

12. Pink

Are you more of a fan of pink hues? Don’t worry, there’s this holographic hair style for you to try out!

holographic hair bangs
Bangs and holographic hair are the ultimate combination.

13. Bangs

If you want a hairstyle that stands out just as much as your holographic hair, then get some bangs. Add some volume and thickness to your bangs and hair by using the Nexxus Exxpand+ Volumizing Whip when styling your tresses.



holographic hair multioned ombre
Take your ombré up a notch with even more colors.

14. Multi-Toned Ombré

An ombré filled with a bunch of holographic colors? There’s no other style that can top this vibrant look!

holographic hair short
Own youer short hair with holographic strands.

15. Short Hair

Give your short, chopped hair some fun with a splash of holographic color.

pixie cut with holographic hair
A pixie cut with holographic hair is the ultimate rock n’roll style.

16. Pixie Cut

A pixie cut with holographic hair is great for girls who are craving an edgy, rebellious look. Make sure to style your pixie with Bed Head Manipulator Cream to give it extra style and texture.


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