20 Workout Hairstyles to Try When You Exercise

Easy hairstyles to try before you break a sweat.

We all have the best of intentions when it comes to working out. But, you know, things get in the way like those crazy schedules and balancing it all. But one issue that shouldn’t determine if you break a sweat or not is your hair, especially when there are tons of workout hairstyles besides braids that can get your hair out of your way, so you can bust your moves and tone up. Read to check out some of our favorite hairstyles for the gym:

20 Workout Hairstyles We Swear By

1. Ponytail for Long Hair

sporty ponytail high pony
A sassy high ponytail puts the fun in functional.

Those with long hair probably typically wear their hair in the classic ponytail or in a bun, and that’s totally cool! Start out by gathering all of your hair into a tight ponytail so your hair can quickly get out of your face as you focus on your form.

2. Boxer Braids

workout hairstyles boxer braids
Boxer braids are a workout classic.

Never underestimate the power of a classic Boxer braid. This is one of the best workout hairstyles because it keeps your hair out of your face and it always looks on point. Add this style in when your hair is extra dirty and you need a cute style to distract until wash day.

3. Wash and Go

Gym Hairstyles natural hairstyles
Wash your hair and let it free for your workout.

If you have natural hair, one of the easiest workout hairstyles is the wash-and-go style. For those who don’t want to crease their hair with an elastic, sometimes you can just skip the updo if you’re not planning on sweating a ton. This style is great for a light run or a yoga session.

Afterward, use TRESemmé Curl Refresher Leave-In Conditioner to help maintain moisture since natural hair can be more susceptible to dryness.

4. Zig Zag Dutch Braid

workout hairstyles zig zag dutch braid
Add in a zig-zag part for some flare.

Want to add some extra flair to your Dutch braid style? Take a cue from the early 2000s and go for a zig-zag part. Creating accents like these makes it easier and more trendy to keep your workout style in post-sweat sesh!

5. Side Braid

Gym Hairstyles braid
Workout in style with a side braid.

Another option if you have long hair is to create a side braid. Keep it easy with a simple braid or go all out with an elaborate fishtail braid. We love a braid to help keep every strand of hair out of your face during your workout. And when you take it out you’re left with a fun, wavy texture for the day.

6. Braided Top Knot

workout hairstyles braided topknot
Give your top knot an accent braid!

Tired of working out with the same old top knot? Add an accent braid around your top knot to add a chic little something-something to your look. Simply leave a section of hair out when you create your top knot, create a simple three-strand braid and then wrap it around the knot.

7. Pixie Style

Gym Hairstyles short gelled hair
Pixies are easy to style for the gym.

If you have short hair, you’re probably already used to having some pretty simple gym hairstyles. The only thing you’re concerned with is making sure your shorter strands don’t fall into your eyes mid-gym-sesh.

To make sure your hair is out of your face, use a little bit of hair gel-like TRESemmé Extra Hold Hair Gel, slick it back, and keep your hair in place.

8. Twist Braids

workout hairstyles twist braids
Add in some braids and twists to give your style loads of texture.

Have fun with your style by adding in some braids and twists to make your own look. Create a side braid in the front and wrap it around a double twist pony in the back. This is such a cute style, you’ll probably want to wear this style outside of the gym, too!

9. High Messy Bun

Gym Hairstyles high bun
This bun means business.

Another classic gym hairstyle for long hair is the messy bun. Pull your long hair up into a ponytail and then wrap the ends around the base and secure with another hair tie or large bobby pins. How easy is that? Be mindful though, once you commit to this style it may be hard to restyle without washing your hair, especially if you get your sweat on.

10. Braid Pony

workout hairstyles braid pony
A fierce braid down your part will definitely give you a confidence boost.

Looking to really take your workout hairstyles to the next level? Add in a cornrow in the center of your head for a fierce accent style. If you’re not doing any running or fast-paced cardio, you can further style your look by wrapping your ponytail to hide your elastic. Who knew you could look so chic at the gym?

11. Twisted Updo

Gym Hairstyles twisted hair
Got a date after the gym? Try this twisted updo.

If you have some time before your workout, opt for a complete updo with this cool twisted hairstyle. Clip it together along the sides of your twist for the ultimate look that will contain your sweaty locks.

12. Braided Bun

workout hairstyles braided bun
Add some bold side braids to your look.

Another way to amp up your workout hairstyles is the big side braid. Bring this braid into a voluminous bun for a style that will still look amazing while you put in hard work.

13. Ponytail Puff

Gym Hairstyles thin headband
What can’t you do with a pineapple hairstyle?

Another option for natural hair is to go for a high pony puff. This is one of the easiest workout hairstyles for your hair type. You can also wear it as your post-workout hairstyle.

14. Pancake Braid

workout hairstyles pancake braid
Add loads of volume with a pancake braid.

Pump up the volume with a pancake braid leading into a high ponytail. This look is for gals who want to look and feel their best at the gym. Once you’ve created your Dutch braid, just give it a gentle tug to loosen the braid and give it volume.

When you’re done with your time at the gym, maintain this style by adding a few spritzes of TRESemmé Ultra Fine Hair Spray.

15. Loop Hairstyle

gym hairstyles loop style
Try this lazy bun style for your next gym session.

This look combines the bun and ponytail into an effortless hairdo that will have you focused on your form and not on your hair. This is a great “bun” style for those who can’t seem to get the messy bun to fall the perfect way.

16. Low Ponytail

gym hairstyles low ponytail
Simple and easy with a low pony.

Keep your hair near your neck when you exercise with this low ponytail style. This look is good for mid-sweat sessions or for when you lift weights. This look also transitions nicely into an everyday look with a hat to cover any sweaty frizz that popped up during your workout.

17. High Curly Bun

gym hairstyles high bun
Curly buns have more fun.

Pull back your curly locks for an hour or more with this simple gym hairstyle. This messy hair look just needs a strong ponytail holder.

After your workout, use some Suave Hair RefresherDry Shampoo to soak up any excess oil post-workout.

18. Box Braids

gym hairstyles braided
The perfect protective style for any situation.

For those with long box braids, twist part of your hair on the side that you form into a low ponytail. You can also opt for a high ponytail or bun when you exercise. These are great ways to make sure your hair doesn’t get in the way if you plan on using a bar on your back during your routine.

19. Thick Headband

working out headband
Headbands also help to absorb your sweat while you workout.

A thick headband is one of our favorite hair accessories to add to gym hairstyles. Not only are they fashionable, but they’ll also keep your hair out of your face without having to do much. They also serve as a great sweat towel right at your hairline, preventing the sweat from spreading down the strand and causing your hair to frizz or revert back to its air-dry texture.

20. Wear a Hat

gym hairstyles tennis hat
Outdoor workout? Throw a lid on it.

And then there are times when only a simple baseball hat will do. Not only does a hat make it easy for you to get out of the house and on time for your early workout session, but it can also protect your hair from the sun no matter what season it is.

There are so many styles that serve as perfect workout hairstyles beyond just the simple ponytails and top knots. While we love those classic styles, sometimes switching up your look is exactly what you need to give you the confidence to smash your workout at the gym.


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