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Hydrate Your Dry Hair With This Trending DIY Aloe Vera Hair Mask

Add this trendy ingredient to your hair care routine.

Aloe vera has recently hit “it girl” status on social media, with many taking to TikTok and Instagram to show themselves trying out the DIY aloe vera hair mask. So why are people suddenly raving about aloe vera for hair? This trend isn’t necessarily new, we’ve known about aloe vera for forever and a day, but it seems like now the benefits are hitting the social waves and people want to see if the claims are true.

Why Use Aloe Vera in a Hair Mask?

For those who don’t know the benefits of aloe vera, we’ll break it down for you. Aloe vera contains highly moisturizing and soothing properties that nourish both your skin and your strands. One of the reasons aloe vera is so great for hair is that it has a chemical makeup similar to keratin, the major protein the inside and outside of hair is made of. Adding aloe to your hair gives it nutrients that provide elasticity, strength, and a silky soft finish–the same way keratin does.

We have all heard of aloe vera as a solution to sunburn–which is also what makes it a great option for your scalp! If you’ve got a burn, dry, or irritated scalp, aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes that help repair and soothe skin. If you also deal with dandruff, aloe vera will help reduce those pesky flakes and help further condition your scalp and strands.

Which hair types/problems will an aloe vera hair mask help?

aloe vera hair mask who is it best for
Will an aloe vera hair mask help your hair concern?

So now we know the deets on aloe vera, but which hair types does it cater to best? While anyone can try out this hair mask, we specifically recommend it for these hair types/concerns:

  • Natural Hair Types
  • Curly Hair Types
  • Dry Hair/Scalp
  • Oily Hair
  • Damaged Hair

How to make an aloe vera hair mask at home.

While we’ve seen many different aloe masks that include other ingredients like coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, yogurt and other super ingredients–this mask is much more simple.

aloe vera hair mask at home
Learn how to make your own aloe vera hair mask at home. Photo credit: Foodism360

There is only one ingredient: aloe.

All you need is an aloe plant. That’s right, this mask solely requires you to cut up an aloe plant and rub the inside gel onto your scalp and strands.

To make things easier, cut the leaves into sections and then slice those sections so that the gel is exposed on both sides. You can then either extract the gel to cover your hair, or you can rub the section of aloe, gel side on your hair, all over to cover your strands and scalp.

Let your mask sink in.

Once you’ve covered your hair, the recommended time to keep this mask on is around 30 minutes. After you’re done masking, you can simply wash it off in the shower as normal. Follow with your regular conditioner in the shower to add in extra moisture and shine.

Other recommended products with aloe vera.

If you’re looking to add aloe vera into your weekly hair routine beyond rubbing the actual plant on your hair–we’ve got some suggestions for you! Try a shampoo and conditioner duo that uses aloe for a great clarifying wash that will refresh your skin and your hair in one go.

Suave Professionals Charcoal & Aloe Vera Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner is the ultimate cleansing duo. Formulated with charcoal and aloe, both known for purifying, this duo removes any product buildup or dry skin while also giving a smooth, soft finish to your strands.

Another wash duo option is Suave Essential Aloe & Waterlily Shampoo and Conditioner.

This duo works great for those with dryer hair who are looking for a good cleanse that won’t sacrifice moisture. Bonus: it also smells incredibly refreshing and delicious!

That’s the scoop on the aloe vera hair mask trend! We love how simple and all-natural the trend is–who knew getting your hair healthy would be just a plant rub away! Try out this trend and see if you get all the major results we’ve been seeing across social media.

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