It’s Sunburnt Scalp Season! We’ve Got the Tips to Get You On the Mend

Be kind to your sunburnt scalp.

We don’t know about you, but summertime has completely snuck up on us: The sun has come out, the temperature has risen and we are here for it (at a safe distance from others, of course). The only potential downside? A scalp sunburn. It’s so important to apply sunscreen to any part on your head where your scalp is exposed, or wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun. While we all know this is important, we also know that nobody is perfect, and a red streak down your part is likely to happen at least once this summer—ouch!

We’ve got some tips and products to help you care for that painful scalp sunburn, through all of its unpleasant phases. Keep reading for the scoop:

scalp sunburn hair care
Treat your scalp kindly in the summer!

1. Bring out the aloe vera.

When you first set eyes on your lovely sunburn and feel the heat from your skin, reaching for something soothing is the answer. Go for some aloe vera to give your burn a cooling sensation and loads of moisture. Apply your aloe to the burn in the morning and at night to help minimize your eventual peeling and shorten the overall recovery time.

2. Apply a soothing scalp serum.

Once your scalp is a little less tender, it’s time to employ a scalp serum. We highly recommend Love Beauty and Planet Soothe & Nourish Hemp Seed Oil & Nana Leaf Scalp Serum. This product helps bring loads of moisture to the scalp and helps keep your skin from peeling rapidly and leaving you with loads of dandruff-like flakes. Try adding this into your routine every day while your scalp sunburn is on the mend.

3. Add a gentle scalp scrub to the mix.

As you enter the inevitable peeling phase, hopefully the aloe and the scalp serum helped moisturize your skin enough to prevent you flaking like a puff pastry! Adding in a gentle scalp scrub, like Nexxus Scalp Inergy Gentle Exfoliating Scalp Scrub, helps thoroughly remove any lingering dead skin without causing dryness or irritation. Use the scrub while you’re in the shower so you can wash away your scalp sunburn peelies and avoid midday flakage.

Those are some top tips and products to help you recover from a scalp sunburn! Remember to apply an SPF to your exposed part before stepping out in the sun, because burns are a summer-bummer.

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