Need a new hair regimen?
Need a new hair regimen?

How to Make the “Big Chop” and Grow Out Your Natural Hair

Thinking about making the "big chop" and don't know where to start? We have you covered.

Are you thinking about making the big chop? More and more women (celebrities and influencers included) are taking the leap and cutting off their curls in an attempt to embrace their natural curl patterns! If you are thinking about making the big chop yourself, read on for our top 5 tips to know before you take the leap.

Find the best products for your new length, learn how to care for your shorter strands, and get some inspiration.

1. Find your inspiration.

big chop mini afro
Make the “big chop” in 5 easy steps. Photo credit:

The first step in any huge hair change is finding the inspiration for your new style. Before researching a stylist, adjusting your hair care and styling routine, and adapting to your new look, it’s important to find some visual representation of what you are imagining for your new look.

Need a new hair regimen?

Flip through the magazines stacked on your coffee table, scour Pinterest, and take a look at some of our galleries to find a short style that speaks to you. You will want a collection of photos to bring to your stylist.

2. Search for a fantastic stylist.

While some women have their go-to stylists and wouldn’t stray from them for a million bucks, others are still searching for their hair fairy godmother. Utilize a “hairstylist near me” search function and do your research before trusting just anyone with your strands. Make sure to read reviews and ensure that you’re trusting your locks with someone who is familiar with your hair type.

Once you have found someone you feel comfortable with, take the leap!

3. Hydrate like your life depends on it.

Once you have taken the leap and made the “big chop,” it’s time to adjust your hair care routine to match. Hydration is hugely important as you go natural.

Wash and condition your hair with Dove Amplified Textures Hydrating Cleanse Shampoo and follow up with Dove Amplified Textures Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner. This combination of products will hydrate your freshly cut hair and lock in that moisture until your next wash day.

Add an extra boost of moisture as needed by spraying your curls with SheaMoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Leave-In Treatment. Stash this bottle in your bag for a spritz of hydration on the go!

On top of switching to some of the most hydrating products on the market, you’ll want to rid your collection of any drying formulas. Get rid of sulfates and silicones, the temptation to rough towel-dry your hair, and any hot treatments…

4. Go easy on the heat.

This brings us to an essential aspect of your new routine…going easy on the heat. Excessive heat can wreak havoc on your curl pattern as it grows out and finds its way into the world. Lay off the heat until your hair has established itself more fully.

5. Accessorize.

big chop accessorize
When in doubt, accessorize away. Photo credit:

When in doubt, add some accessories to your style. This process can be challenging as you find the patience to let your hair grow out and learn your curl pattern again. When in doubt, add a headband or barrette!

Are you thinking about making the “big chop” this season? Be sure to snap a picture and tag us over @AllThingsHairUS!


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Need a new hair regimen?
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