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Any Open Hair Salons Near Me? We’ve Got the Lowdown on the Latest COVID Guidelines

Latest update: NYC is currently in Phase 1, which limits businesses reopening to those in Construction, Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting, Retail (limited to curbside or in-store pickup or drop off), Manufacturing and Wholesale Trade. Hair salons reopen in Phase 2.

With today’s technology, finding anything is just one click away. But given the current lockdown and pause-unpause situation states are finding themselves in, I’m realizing that finding open hair salons near me isn’t as straightforward a Google search as I thought.

Different states are now rolling out their own rulings as regards resuming business hours during the COVID-19 crisis—so yes, before making that beeline to your neighborhood stylist, we suggest first doing your due diligence and researching your local guidelines on salon reopenings.

That said, we spoke to Renée Valerie, the US Technical Education Director of the TIGI Advanced Hairdressing Academy in New York to give us some information on reopenings in the city, to help give your online searches a bit more direction. Read on:

Any Open Hair Salons Near Me? We Asked a Stylist on NYC Reopening Guidelines

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Tip: Be proactive. Give your salon a call, or do a quick Google search to see when hair businesses reopen in your state.

When are hair salons slated to reopen in NY and NYC? How long has it been since salons have last been open to the public?

Renée Valerie: Since all regions operate independently, some parts of NY State are already open. NYC salons are still waiting on the go-ahead to open, but I am optimistic that we will be able to service clients in the next few weeks [Ed’s note: NYC is currently in Phase 1; Hair Salons and Barbershops open once a region has entered Phase 2].

Will salons be able to operate at full capacity? What will the appointment process be like? Will they observe a “first-booked, first-served” policy, or will VIP clients get priority?

As the guidelines and information pertaining to each phased reopening are always evolving, I recommend checking with the NY State Government website for the most up-to-date information.

Each salon depending on size will have a different approach and ways that they can accommodate the new guidelines for services. Some hairstylists will be booking in order of past canceled appointments, while others will book based on the urgency of clients’ maintenance needs—but it really is a personalized approach based on your individual business.

Will stylists be able to come to work in full capacity? Alternatively, will stylists be able to make house calls to clients?

Current NY guidelines are recommending those regions that are in Phase 2(PDF) to adhere to no more than 50% of the maximum capacity in salons, and maintain six feet of separation from others, except during the hair service where PPE is required. But as I previously mentioned, I recommend always checking on current guidelines prior to opening, as information changes and evolves so rapidly.

What are some guidelines you must now follow when taking clients in the salon? Will masks be required?

A lot of the disinfecting guidelines required are what we have been licensed to do and adhere to all along, but there are definitely more guidelines needed to be implemented to help protect both the hairdresser and the client while performing hair services. These include a limited capacity, PPE, etc. I recommend visiting the NY State Government website for the full list of requirements(PDF) to help ensure you are knowledgeable and aware of the most accurate and recent protocols for your region.

Will salons be able to offer the full spectrum of hair services, or will it be limited to certain services (only haircut and color, no blow-drying)?

Current regulations for regions in Phase 2 are limiting services allowed to hair services only, so no massages, hair removal, facials, nail services, etc.

How have salons and stylists pivoted with services during the lockdown?

While salons are closed a lot, stylists have been connecting virtually with their clients in way of consultations, but also product recommendations to help maintain their hair throughout the lockdown, as well as provide creative ways to style their hair to help disguise their regrowth.

In Phase 2: Nail Your Salon Search!

1. Be specific.

What kind of service are you looking for? A color, cut, a salon treatment? When searching for a salon near you be sure to include the service you need in your search term.

2. Check Instagram.

Utilize the location function to help you get the most up-to-date information. Go to the location tab of your Instagram account and type in the name of the salon. If it pops up, take a gander at the images posted at the salon. Does the salon look clean and is it adhering to reopening guidelines? Do you see any really great hairstyles? If the answers are yes and yes, you just may have found a salon (hooray!). If you need further assistance, don’t be afraid to direct-message someone who has been to the salon and ask them to give you a quick review.

3. Refine your search by zip code.

Not only is this important in figuring out what phase of reopening its neighborhood is in, but it also prevents you from going through pages and pages of search results. Refine your search by adding in your zip code.

4. Try a salon app.

Just like with seemingly everything else in life, there is, of course, an app for finding the perfect hair salon too! Check the app store of your smartphone to find apps for hair appointments. But don’t download just any app: Read through the reviews and check the application previews to help you find the best one.

5. Call to verify.

Two reasons why you should call: one, to confirm the location is still in business and indeed reopened after lockdown; and two, to make sure your online booking has been received. Sadly, we’ve heard so many stories of clients booking appointments on days that salons are closed, or having your preferred stylist be off that day. Always call to confirm your appointment to be on the safe side. When in doubt, always confirm on the phone; don’t be afraid to get into the details, as it can potentially save you a trip.

For more information on New York State reopening guidelines, please visit

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