Guide to Nailing Your ‘Hair Salons Near Me’ Search

You can't leave everything up to the search engines.

With today’s technology, finding anything we need is just one click away. But, some things require a deeper search especially when it comes to finding a good hairstylist at the eleventh hour. We don’t know about you, but we can’t let just anyone touch our hair so mastering our ‘hair salons near me search’ the right way is crucial. We’re spilling our tips and tricks to finding the best salon and stylists to help you best hair service:

hair salons near me long brown straight hair
Hair Salons Near Me Tip: Be proactive. Give the salons you found a call to confirm your appointment.

1. Be specific.

What kind of service are you looking for? A color, cut, a salon treatment? When searching for a salon near you be sure to include the service you need in your search term.

2. Check Instagram.

Utilize the location function to help you get the inside scoop. Go to the location tab of your Instagram account and type in the name of the salon. If it pops up, take a gander at the images posted at the salon. Does the salon look clean? Do you see any really great hairstyles? If the answers are yes and yes, you just may have found a new salon (hooray!). If you need further assistance, don’t be afraid to direct-message someone who has been to the salon and ask them to give you a quick review.

3. Refine search with the zip code.

To prevent going through pages and pages of search results, refine your search by adding in your zip code.

4. Try a salon app.

Just like with seemingly everything else in life, there is, of course, an app for finding the perfect hair salon too! Check the app store of your smartphone to find apps for hair appointments. But don’t download just any app: Read through the reviews and check the application previews to help you find the best one.

5. Call to verify.

Two reasons why you should call: one, to confirm the location is still in business; and two, to make sure your online booking has been received. Sadly, we’ve heard so many stories of clients booking appointments on days that salons are closed, or having your preferred stylist be off that day. Always call to confirm your appointment to be on the safe side. When in doubt, always confirm on the phone; don’t be afraid to get into the details, as it can potentially save you a trip.