Keratin Treatment Maintenance: Tips You Need To Know

Allison | 28 September 2016

Keep your hair smooth for as long as possible. 

There is nothing worse than a bad hair day. From a never ending battle against frizz or working with hair that just wont hold the pin straight style of your dreams. Getting a keratin treatment is seriously life changing for your hair. Your daily frustration of working with hair that is difficult to style is no longer an issue, but it doesn’t last forever. A keratin treatment can last up to three months before needing to be re-done but only if you maintain the process properly. Read on to learn all the keratin treatment maintenance tips you need to know.

Keratin Treatment Maintenance Tips and Hair Hacks

easy keratin treatment hair tips
The keratin treatment gives frizz free hair for months if you maintain it properly.

Each strand of hair is made of keratin. This is what makes your hair strong, but it can get damaged over time by your normal hair styling routine like blowdrying and straightening. Basically, a keratin treatment works by filling in gaps in your hair that have damaged keratin. When you get the treatment your hair will be frizz-free, manageable and straighter. Awesome, right? Depending on the treatment you receive your hair may still have curls and body but will be a lot easier to style and work with.

1. Watch out for water.

When you go to the salon to get your keratin treatment, remember to ask your stylist how long you should avoid water. Due to there being different keratin treatment processes, there will be different possible needs when it comes to keeping your hair dry. Anywhere between one day all the way up to three days is possible. Arm yourself with a dry shampoo like the Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Color Care Dry Shampoo to refresh your hair until you can wash it again.

2. Choose a shampoo and conditioner.

Before washing your hair, choose a shampoo and conditioner made with keratin. The TRESemmé Keratin Infusing Shampoo and TRESemme Keratin Infusing Conditioner will work well to cleanse and condition your hair after a keratin treatment. The most important thing is to avoid using shampoos that are too strong post-treatment such as clarifying shampoos that might strip your hair of the keratin treatment or leave you with uneven results.

3. Wash your hair after the keratin treatment.

Wash your hair only as much as you need to. Some people have hair that gets oily quickly and will need to be washed every other day. If you are one of the lucky ones who can go for days with your hair still looking clean, go for it. Invest in a good shower cap to seal out water and protect your hair while you bathe in-between washing your hair.

4. Get styling.

After getting the keratin treatment, your hair will be so much easier to style. If you still struggle with knotty hair after the keratin treatment, use a detangler to help you safely comb out knots. It’s important that when you do need to use hair products to make sure they have keratin ingredients to keep your hair topped up.

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