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5 Lazy Girl Hair Care Tricks to Try This Weekend

More time to shop and brunch all weekend long.

When the weekend hits, all of our good hair care habits tend to fall by the wayside. Just like you, after a Friday-night-in Netflix binge, and a day-long Saturday shopping spree, the first thing we want to do when bedtime hits is to dive right into the mattress. With these hair care tricks below, taking your hair won’t feel like a chore, and it won’t take up a load of your precious time. Try one of these simple hair care tricks below, and thank us on Monday!

Hair Care Tricks for Lazy Girls

1. Skip air-drying and use a diffuser.

Air-drying is great for achieving those amazing undone hairstyles, and for getting the most of your natural hair texture. What’s more, it saves your hair from the brutal effects of heat, however, it may not save you on time and a head cold. Consider using a diffuser attachment when you blow-dry your hair. You have nothing to lose and you’ll still get that gorgeous natural-looking texture.

hair care tricks red hair bun
Hair Care Tricks: TFW you don’t have to wash your hair in the shower because you have dry shampoo.

2. Use dry shampoo to refresh your hair.

Having to press pause on your Netflix binge to rinse out your conditioner or hair treatment, and then to blow-dry your hair can be such a pain. Skip a step over the weekend by refreshing your hair with Dove Refresh+Care Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo and call it a day.

3. Use bobby pins for a style update.

Have last-minute Friday night plans, and can’t muster up the strength (let alone the mindset) to wash and style your hair? Take our aforementioned dry shampoo tip to refresh your hair, then use bobby pins to whip up a cute and stylish hairstyle. Need help? Check out these hairstyles with bobby pins.

hair care tricks beanie on long hair
Hair Care Tricks: Wear a beanie to update your look and protect your hair with an oil. Photo credit:

4. Use hair oils under your hat.

Beanie season is upon us. Everywhere you turn, the stylish set is wearing beanie hats in an array of colors, patterns, and textures. While hats are a great way to update your look in the nick of time, don’t forget about your hair underneath your cap. Work a hair oil through your hair, like Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil throughout your hair, This will add shine and a protective barrier from rough fabrics, like wool.

5. Use a conditioning mist to moisturize and refresh your texture.

Re-moisturizing your hair can feel like a bit of a chore on the weekend. A leave-in spray, like Nexxus Humectress Lightweight Conditioning Mistmakes the process so seamless and quick you can do it in the back of an Uber on your way to brunch. This weekend, slip this bad boy into your gym bag (along with your dry shampoo) or purse as you refresh your texture on-the-go! Easy, peasy!

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