How Can Using Hair Smoothing Serum Benefit your Hair?

Serena Norr | 11 June 2016

Keep your hair smooth and manageable with one of our favorites.

Hair can be so unruly. No matter what your hair texture or hair type is, you may find that you always have to smooth or tame flyaways and frizz. While giving up heat styling and chemical processing can help, there are just some hair types that will always have a little bit of frizz to contend with. Enter hair smoothing serum, a genius silicone-based hair product (in our humble opinion) that has the power to de-tangle, smooth and tame the hair, resulting in silky, shiny and touchable strands. Read on to discover some of the magic of hair smoothing serum and how it can benefit your particular hair type.

Hair Smoothing Serum Benefits

hair smoothing serum on curly hair
Use a hair serum to smooth out any frizz on your curly hair.

1. Serum for curly hair.

Curly locks tend to be prone to dryness and damage, which is even more problematic if you blow-dry your hair straight on the regular. To tame any frizz (and help with damage) use a serum like the Dove Quench Absolute Creme Serum that works to nourish your locks as it improves overall manageability. It can be applied on wet or dry hair whose formula works to define your natural curls as well as tame any frizz. Acting as a conditioner of sorts, you can apply some serum on your curly hair everyday! Just be sure to do sparingly as a little goes a long way with this particular hair care product!

2. Serum for dry and damaged hair.

Dry and/or damaged hair can be a pain to deal with. While getting regular trims and avoiding blowdrying should be on the top of your list, you’ll also need some help from some product a.k.a serum to provide your locks with moisture. One of our favorites for dry hair is the Suave Split End Rescue Hair Serum, a powerful formula that that works to repair visible damage, resulting in smooth and soft hair.

3. Serum for fine and thin hair.

Those who have fine and/or thin hair may have to deal with a host of hair issues. In some instances, it might be limp locks with tons of flyaways and other times it might be thin strands that easily break. A hair serum like the Suave Biotin Infusion Anti-Breakage Serum might just be your best bet whose formula is infused with B7 Biotin that works to wrap and protect each strand from hair fall. This hair fall defense will deliver smooth and silky hair that will also make your hair stronger. As with all hair types, make sure you use serum very sparingly! We suggest using two-three drops that you place in the palms of your hands. Mix it together and smooth the product throughout your hair. Using too much can cause your fine hair to look weighted down.

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