Anti Frizz Serum: Everyone’s Favorite Overachiever

Eunice Lucero | 26 August 2018
anti frizz serum for waves

Anti frizz serum can solve a host of hair issues—most of them unwittingly. Here’s why.

Fun fact: We’re all about multitasking. In life, nothing says value for money louder than something that promises to check more than one box at a time. We love things that go beyond the call of duty: Clever life-hacks from everyday products like makeup blenders and bra inserts go viral in a heartbeat, and who hasn’t read up on the 348 different uses of ordinary, kitchen-grade apple cider? Hair is no different, and though many products do specialize via hair type, there are a few wünderkinds out there, like anti frizz serum, which are poised as the new overachievers meant to make our lives even easier.

Maximize Your Glam with Anti Frizz Serum

anti frizz serum damaged hair
Nowadays it’s never just one thing. Even simply coloring hair opens it up to a multitude of results, dryness and damage included.

In order to be competitive in today’s beauty world, a product shouldn’t be able to alleviate just one hair problem alone. Fair enough—with the amount of damage we incur on a daily basis, each hair issue is more often than not a combination of several factors. Case in point: A product said to be beneficial for colored hair has to address both damage from bleaching, as well as having to maintain color brightness. Nowadays, it’s never an isolated thing.

1. Specialization vs. Efficiency

Granted, there’s definitely something to be said about standalone products that tackle specific issues, like, say, your favorite sea salt spray that helps create that messy wave on stick-straight hair. However, we also expect certain second-tier benefits from these products whether we’re aware of it or not. Specifically, regardless of how awesomely on-trend your new beachy lob looks, if it leaves your hair feeling like a bale of hay, we’re betting that spray won’t get a second use.

The same is true with anti frizz serum, which on the surface, we all pick up to help troubleshoot dry and frizzy locks as they happen. What we don’t know is that we’re also enjoying it for a certain level of hold (as with a de facto gel; for this we love S Factor by TIGI Silky Smooth Serum), nourishment (a leave-in conditioner in a pinch; Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smoothing Hair Serum moisturizes like a winner) and pre-styling protection (a pretty darn good thermal protectant, like Bed Head by TIGI Control Freak Serum). Some formulas, like the color-friendly TRESemmé Keratin Smooth  Shine Serum, also keep color vibrant aside from offering the usual smoothened results.

anti frizz serum on short hair
An anti frizz serum can be used to style hair as well as moisturize. Photo credit:

2. Getting creative

Not that we’re saying to nix everything else. The best anti frizz serum, no matter how hardworking, won’t be able to address all your styling concerns in one go. We simply suggest taking stock of what you expect from your current hair products; more often than not you’ll find something in the label (and even beyond it) that you didn’t think they would address. An overnight hair primer for heatless waves, or even a base for that runway-worthy wet look? Try it out and see what else you can get out of that anti frizz serum. After all, why should apply cider or an overplayed makeup sponge get to have all of the beauty hacks?



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