Hair Straightener Hacks You Should Know

4 Hair Straightener Hacks You Should Know

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In a perfect world, every girl would have every single styling tool she needs at her disposal. A boar bristle brush, combs, curling wands and flat irons in every size. However, not all of us have that luxury. This is where creativity comes in, and for all you budgetnistas out there, you’d probably call this getting some bang for your buck. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you may not have the proper heat styling tool to get the perfect beach waves, curly ringlets, crimps or beehive hairstyles, here are four hair straightener hacks that’ll help you make the most out of your flat iron.

Straightener Hacks: 4 Cool and Easy Styling Tricks


young woman using hair straightener to create waves
Hair Straightener Hacks: Create soft beach waves with your flat iron

1. Beach wave straightener hack.

Sure, you can get beach waves with a spritz of some salt spray, but this doesn’t work for everyone, especially if your hair has a hard time holding a curl. Use a straightener to help you out. To create beach waves using a straightener, simply wrap the lengths of your hair (using about one-inch sections) and leave the ends out. Leaving the ends out helps you create a wave as opposed to a curl. Release the hair wand after a few seconds and pull on the ends.

young woman smiling with big curly ringlets
Hair Straightener Hacks: Use the pincurl technique plus your flat iron to create bouncy ringlet curls

2. Curly ringlets straightener hack.

No curling iron, no problem! To get the curly ringlets look, simply create mini pin curls in your hair using our pin curl tutorial, then use your flat iron to clamp your hair for a few seconds. The heat from the flat iron will force your pin curls to form a super tight curl. Allow all of your pin curls to cool, then release! Set your curls with a firm hold hairspray, like Catwalk by TIGI Firm Hold Hairspray.

young model getting crimped hair
Hair Straightener Hacks: Try your hand at crimps with a flat iron. Photo credit:

3. Create crimped hair with a hair straightener.

’80s and ’90s hairstyles are back with a vengeance, and just because you don’t own an old school crimping tool, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with the crimped hair trend. To create the look, begin with straight hair. Take your flat iron, and bend back and forth along your hair to create the crimped effect. In other words: Pretend you’re creating a staircase on your hair. Once you’ve completed your entire head, brush through or fingercomb to separate your hair. Set with a flexible hold hairspray like Dove Style + Care Strength and Shine Flexible Hold Hairspray.

young model with beehive hairstyle
Hair Straightener Hacks: Need a little lift? Use your flat iron to create height at the crown of your hair.

4. Create beehive hairstyles with a flat iron.

If you need a little help in the volume department and don’t have any volumizing products or styling tools handy (like a blowdryer), there’s definitely a hair straightener hack for that. To get the look, prep your hair with TREsemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray, then use your flat iron to give your hair a bit of height at the crown. To do this, place your straightener a few inches away from your roots,  glide it towards your face from root to mid-lengths, then backcomb to create texture.

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