50+ Best Hairstyles and Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair

The ultimate YHBB (your hair, but better) ~lewk~.

Tousled, casually sexy, and easy like Sunday morning, hairstyles for thick wavy hair are a perennial favorite of women who want to look effortlessly done, but without looking too done. It’s kind of like no-makeup makeup, but for hair. You know she didn’t wake up with those perfectly aligned waves, but she definitely knew how to fake ’em.

And therein lies the promise: Hairstyles for wavy hair are the accessible looks of the moment. With the right looks and technique, effortless thick wavy hair can be yours. Read on:

1. Slick Parting

woman with light ombre hair worn in a middle parting and waves
Double texture with this look.

If you love your waves but want to tame them slightly, this look will give you a sleek and refined style that you can wear for any occasion.

2. Long Wavy Hair: Thick Layers

haircuts for thick wavy hair layers
This haircut for thick hair is a recipe for success.

Face-framing layers flatter every face shape and are one of the top haircuts for layered hair. Styling layered hair isn’t very complicated and this is a haircut that looks just as good when it dries naturally as it does when you blow it out.

3. Straight Edge Medium-Length Hair

haircuts for thick wavy hair loose waves
Loose waves are a great way to rock this style.

A straight-edged haircut can be a little trickier to deal with when it comes to thick and wavy hair. If you’re opting for a straight-edged style, you’ll want to get comfortable with your teasing comb.

4. New Hollywood Waves

hairstyles for thick wavy hair hollywood curls
It’s easy to go glam with your wavy ‘do.

Characterized by a seal-like shine and perfectly aligned loose curls swooped over one side of your face, this is a go-to classic hairstyle of Hollywood bombshells then and now. On hair that’s been blowdried straight, create a deep side part, then proceed to twist the hair around a closed flat iron, creating a looser, more angular bend in the hair.

5. Wavy Long Hair: Chunky Lob

haircuts for thick wavy hair: lob
The easy-breezy lob: effortlessly cool from morning errands to everything else.

Tackle two trends in one with this versatile, super trendy take on the regular lob. Prep hair with some texturizing spray like Suave Dry Texture Finishing Spray. After application, proceed to haphazardly twirl hair around a closed flat iron. Part your hair slightly off-center, shake it out and you’re done.

6. Short Wavy Hairstyles: Angled Bob

haircuts for thick wavy hair: face framing bob
A chic face-framing bob for thick hair.

One of our favorite short wavy hairstyles is an angeled bob. If you have a lush, thick head of short hair, ask your stylist for a graduated bob – one of our favorite short wavy hairstyles. After your shower, rough-dry for a few seconds and proceed to haphazardly curl the front layers using a medium-barreled iron. Immediately stretch out each section once done for a looser curl.

7. Subtle Ombré

hairstyles for wavy hair face framing waves
Add waves to frame your hairstyle. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Looking for medium length haircuts for thick wavy hair? Color-saturated locks aren’t solely for the super long-haired; any hair length that’s thick and lush can look gorgeously well-dimensioned with a pretty ombré balayage.

8. Vintage Rolls

haircuts for thick wavy hair vintage victory rolls
Victory roll barrels on the hairline are a hallmark of fabulous vintage-inspired style. Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com

Big, proper, grown-up wavy hairstyles come into their element in a retro-inspired look. Hallmarked by shoulder-dusting waves that are curled under, they’re easily achieved with some mousse such as Nexxus Mousse Plus Volumizing Foam and large-barreled curling iron.

9. Curtain Waves

hairstyle for thick wavy hair curtain bangs
Long and sexy, curtain waves have never met a face shape they can’t flatter. Photo Credit: Indigitalimages.com

Long, loose haircuts for wavy thick hair are a favorite of most women. They’re easy to do, ooze major sex appeal, and only look more awesome as the day wears on. Start with a mousse that imparts long-lasting hold and body on blow-dried hair. Proceed to curl sections around a medium- to large-barreled iron.

10. Dollface Bangs

hairstyles for thick wavy hair dollface bangs
Full bangs have the power to elevate nearly any look by keeping the focus on the eyes and hairline.

A full brow-grazing fringe is a nifty way to mix up the texture on thick wavy hair. Using a blowout lotion, like TRESemmé Thermal Creations Blow Dry Balm. Blow-dry your fringe straight, resulting in some shiny, bouncy bangs. Proceed to style your waves using a curling iron.

11. Long Lob

haircuts for thick wavy hair lob
Long textured bobs show off your thick wavy hair in style. Photo credit: Dvora

A long bob is a great hairstyle for thick and wavy hair types, as a cut with lots of layers looks like it’s full of volume and natural body. To get the look, be sure to ask your stylist for a long bob that sits right at the collarbone.

12. Half-Up, Half-Down Long Wavy Hair

thick wavy hair half updo
Try this functional hairstyle.

A half-up, the half-down style also shows off your thick wavy hair, so if you are looking for styling ideas that are both chic and functional, know that side twists always make a great styling choice. Set hair with TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Extend Hold Level 4 to lock your curls in place.

13. Full Sexy Curls

hairstyles for thick wavy hair curled
Transform your waves into curls with the help of the curling iron.

If you are already blessed with thick wavy hair, rocking full curls is an easy look you can achieve. If your hair has a natural wave to it, it’s easy to achieve a full sexy curl. Simply grab a one or two-inch-sized curling iron, and proceed to create loose barrel curls throughout the head. Finish with some strong-hold hairspray to complete your look.

14. Asymmetrical

haircuts for thick wavy hair lob
Asymmetrical bobs make for a chic and gorgeous style!

Try an asymmetrical chop to show off your thick wavy hair because asymmetrical bobs, in particular, can give your waves some attitude. To get haircuts for thick wavy hair like this, simply ask your stylist to create an asymmetrical cut.

15. Shaggy Styles with Bangs

haircuts for thick hair shag
Shaggy styles can help show off your natural texture and body. Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com

A great shaggy style with some added bangs helps play up your thick wavy hair, as it gives your hair an edgy and playful vibe. To get the look, ask your stylist to add some playful and wispy layers throughout your cut. This will help to give it some natural texture.

16. Side Bangs

hairstyles for thick wavy hair side bangs
Sideswept bangs are a great addition!

Cut a thick fringe of side bangs into your thick wavy style to lessen the load on the back of your hair. Those with thick wavy hair know that your strands can get overwhelming at times. These side bangs will frame your face and lighten the load on the back of your head.

17. Messy Bun

hairstyles for thick wavy hair messy bun
The messier, the better!

Gather your thick hair up into a loose messy bun. Thick wavy hair will create a large and voluminous messy bun. Pull your baby hairs out around your face and at the nape of your neck for a truly undone and romantic look.

18. Accessorized Half Updo

thick wavy hair half updo
Pull half your hair up in this easy style.

Keep your hair out of your face with a chic and easy half updo. Braid the half-up portion of your hair and accessorize your look with flowers to take this style to the next level.

19. Wear a Beanie

hairstyles for thick wavy hair beanie
When in doubt, add a hat.

When in doubt, throw a hat on over your hair. Women with thick wavy hair might find men’s beanies more comfortable as they’re generally larger and can accommodate your strands!

20. Thick Bob

wavy lob thick wavy hair
This style is classic.

We love how wavy hair curls up into a short bob. This style is ideal for thick hair as it shows off the thickness of your strands.

21. Major Volume

hairstyles for thick wavy hair volume
More volume, please. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Tease the front of your hair to add some major volume to your thick strands. Go big or go home, right?

22. Silky Waves

thick wavy hair silky waves
You can’t go wrong with soft and silky waves.

Comb your strands for soft and silky long waves. Make sure to start at the bottom of your hair and slowly work your way up to avoid tangles and breakage.

23. Extra Volume

thick wavy hair side volume
Add some extra volume!

Flip your hair over to the opposite side of where you usually part it to add some extra volume. You can also grab a comb and lightly tease your roots to add even more volume to your strands.

24. Side Part

hairstyles for thick wavy hair side part
Pull your hair over to one side!

Comb your hair into a side part for a more casual and laidback look. Your thick hair will add instant volume to your style for a look with lots of height.

25. The Shag

hairstyles for thick wavy hair shag
The shag is back! Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Thick hair is the ideal base for a classic shag. These layers will instantly include lots of volumes when it comes to shag with thick hair. This haircut is majorly trending for 2021!

26. Loose Waves

hairstyles with thick wavy hair loose waves
Try these classic loose waves.

Long thick and wavy hair is the ideal base for loose waves. This undone look is instantly more glamorous with thick hair for all the added volume.

27. Layered Wavy Bob

hairstyles for thick wavy hair wavy bob
Air-dried perfection. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

This classic bob takes on a new level dimension when worn with thick wavy hair. The choppy edges take your thick strands to the next level.

28. Messy Volume

thick wavy messy hair
Go for that messy, but still cute look.

Add easy messy volume by spritzing your roots with your favorite volumizing dry shampoo. This messy style is undone and chic in the best way. It’s also a great way to achieve an effortless style that still is put together.

29. Messy Long Hair

thick wavy hair messy long
Grow your waves out for a strong, statement style.

There’s nothing more beautiful than long wavy hair. Grow your strands as long as you like them to achieve this beautiful look. No matter if you have naturally wavy hair or curl your hair to achieve waves, there’s no need to worry about perfect waves. A little messiness adds an effortless touch to the look.

30. Long Silky Waves

haircuts for thick wavy hair curls
These long waves are totally #hairgoals.

Use your hairbrush to comb through your hair for the silkiest waves. Make sure to be gentle on your waves to avoid brushing them out too much.

31. Classic Waves

thick wavy hair long messy waves
You can’t go wrong with a classic!

These classic waves are long, messy, and classically beautiful. Romantic and chic, they’re ideal for virtually any occasion.

32. Honey Brown Hues

thick wavy hair honey brown side part
This soft honey brown hue is one of the hottest hair colors of the season.

Consider adding some dimension to your hair color for the ultimate silky brown strands. This eye-catching style reflects sunlight beautifully making it ideal for the summer months.

33. Defined Waves

thick wavy hair defined waves
Add some definition!

Give your waves some extra definition for a more striking texture. Use a curling wand to wrap your curls for extra definition!

34. Defined Highlights

thick wavy hair defined highlights
Make your waves pop with some defined highlights.

Ask your stylist to add some small highlights to define your waves even more! These subtle highlights will draw attention to your waves without any extra work needed on your end.

35. Caramel Waves

thick wavy hair caramel waves
We love this caramel hue!

No matter how beautiful your hair texture is, everyone gets bored sometimes. Revamp your style with a caramel-colored hue. This tone is ideal for every season and perfectly complements a dark brown base.

36. Brushed-Through

thick wavy hair brushed windswept
Brush through your waves for an easy and undone look.

Brush through your waves for a classic windswept style. We love how undone and easy this look is.

37. Old Hollywood Reimagined

thick wavy hair old Hollywood
Reimagine a timeless look.

Reimagine classic Hollywood waves with this longer, more glamorous style. Brush through your waves for an easy and romantic look.

38. Messy Lob

thick wavy hair blonde messy lob
Add some mess to your tresses.

The messier, the better! That’s what makes this messy lob ideal – it doesn’t take any work on your end! If you curl your hair to achieve waves, brush out the curls for an undone look.

39. White Strands

thick wavy hair white hair
Proof that this look is totally timeless!

We love thick, wavy white hair! There’s nothing more glamorous than this classic style.

40. White Blonde Hues

thick wavy hair white blonde long waves
Icy hues are in this season!

Try this icy hair color and draw even more attention to your gorgeous strands. This color is bold and eye-catching and will earn you loads of compliments.

41. Mega-Volume

thick wavy hair voluminous
The bigger the better!

Use a teasing comb to add mega volume to your long waves. Gently tease your hair from roots to ends to achieve this all-over voluminous look.

42. Tucked Back

thick wavy hair tucked back cetner
Pull your hair back and out of your way.

Tuck your hair back behind your ears for a chic and unexpected look. This style pulls double duty and shows off your hair and your face at the same time!

43. Soft Layered Wavy Hair

thick wavy hair soft blonde lob
Soften your style with subtle layers.

Ask your stylist to add some soft layers at the ends of your locks! This will create a beautiful rounded shape on your hair for a super soft look.

44. Slight Volume

thick wavy hair slight volume
Add just a touch of volume.

Add some slight volume to your hair to reimagine your usual style. Volume is key for a super eye-catching look.

45. Off-Center Part

thick wavy hair slight side part
Move your part over for a chic, off-center look.

Easily switch up your perspective with a slightly off-center part. This change of perspective is a small change that makes a huge difference.

46. Sideswept Long Wavy Hair

thick wavy hair sideswept
Pull it all over to one side!

Pull all of your hair over to one side and let your long wavy hair cascade over your shoulder. Gathering all of your hair together like this will draw even more attention to your beautiful texture.

47. Half Up

haircuts for thick wavy hair

Pull a section of hair back and secure it with a bobby pin! This style shows off your strands and your gorgeous complexion at the same time!

48. Messy Long Waves

thick wavy hair messy long waves
Wear it long and wear it messy.

Wear your waves long and messy for an easy and chic look. This look requires virtually no effort at all and it’s a total crowdpleaser.

49. Messy Highlights

thick wavy hair messy highlights
This subtle pop of color is sweet and easy.

Add a subtle but defining pop of color! These small messy highlights are easy to maintain and make a huge difference in your overall look.

50. Soft Layers

thick wavy hair layered
Soften your style with subtle layers.

Get rid of some of that classic thick-hair-heaviness with soft layers. Ask your stylist to use thinning sheers to take some of the weight off your strands!

51. Highlight Your Hair

thick wavy hair icy blonde highlights
This subtle sheen makes a big statement!

Add some icy cool highlights to brown waves for some real dimension. This allows you to maintain your classic tones with a bit of an upgrade.

52. Full Fringe Haircuts for Wavy Hair

haircuts for thick wavy hair full fringe
A full fringe makes a major statement.

There’s nothing better than a full set of fringe on thick hair. This is one of our favorite haircuts for wavy hair because it will offset some of the weight you’re used to feeling at the back of your head.

53. Slight Ombré

haircuts for thick wavy hair slight ombre
We love this subtle ombré.

Add a slight ombré hue to lighten up your style. This look will brighten up your strands without sacrificing your root color!

54. Glamorous Wavy Long Hair

girl with long blonde wavy hair
Add a money piece to brighten up your wavy hair. Photo Credit: @karldawsonhair

Wear your waves in the center part for an instant touch of glamour. This center part is all the rage in 2021 – will you get in on this trend? If you want an even trendier look too, add a money piece. This face-framing highlighting technique will brighten up your overall look.

55. Scarf Braid

hairstyles for thick wavy hair: back view of a single braid wiven with a headscarf on wavy blonde long hair
Weave a scarf into a braided style for extra style points. Credit: Instagram.com/emmachenartisty

Headscarves are one of our favourite hair accessories here at All Things Hair; not only can they mask a bad hair day, but they can totally transform an everyday look in an instant.

So if you are looking to make a style statement with your thick mane, make this woven headscarf braid your next look. Credit: @emmachenartisty

Tip: Why not try enhancing your braid by pancaking? To do this, gently tease some of the sections with your fingers to create a fuller looking plait.

56. Messy Side Braid

Hairstyles for thick wavy hair: woman with long thick brown hair styled in a side braid in outside photoshoot
Tame frizz with an undone braid. Credit: Kristen Soileau

Braids are absolutely stunning and by far one of the most popular hairstyles for thick, frizzy hair right now. The good news is, not only is this casually textured fishtail braid incredibly stylish, but it helps to tame unmanageable frizz too!

Editor’s tip: Want to know how to get those lived-in textures through your braid? Try sprinkling some Suave Root Lifting Volume Boosting Spray on the lengths of your hair to help create texture, giving it grip, so it stays intact all day long.

57. Formal Up Do

hairstyles for thick wavy hair: side view of woman with light brown hair styled in a low twisted bun with loose strands along the front
Treat your wavy tresses to this fancy updo. Credit: Instagram.com/jodycallanhair

This wavy low bun is one of our favourites. Not only does it pull your hair away from your face (and the back of your neck), but it will look pretty amazing for a formal occasion too. Credit: @jodycallanhair

58. Wavy Half-Up Do

Hairstyles for thick wavy hair: back view of woman with medium length brown hair with a slight wave styled in a half-up, half-down bun
Half updo styles will show off your gorgeous thick manes.

Another easy and fabulous way to style thick wavy hair is by creating a half-up, half-down ‘do.

Simply pull up a section of your hair on top, twisting it into a messy bun or top knot and fasten into place with as many bobby pins as you need. Let the rest of your hair fall freely in gorgeous, tumbling waves, and add a touch of prettiness with a decorative hair accessory around your half-up bun!

59. Wavy pixie cut

Hairstyles for thick wavy hair: close up of woman with thick light brown hair styled in a pixie crop
Short pixie crop styles will add a playful look to thick strands. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Thick, wavy hair doesn’t have to be worn long to look stylish; it can also look utterly stunning when cropped into a cool, short pixie! To enhance those naturally wavy textures you’ve been blessed with, it’s best to go for a slightly longer or grown-out pixie, which will give you room to really play around with styling.

Editor’s tip: If you’re a wash-and-go kinda gal, just scrunch in some Suave Professionals Texturizing Sea Salt Spray to get that beachy, tousled look and leave to air-dry.

Have we inspired you to try one of these haircuts for wavy hair? Tag us @AllThingsHairUS so we can check out your new look!

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