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The Secret to Getting the Thickest Hair You’ve Ever Had by August

The quickest road to thicker hair. 

Why not make this summer the summer of great hair? As the sun slowly starts to make a regular appearance and the days get longer and warmer, we’re all about self care in the form of upgrading our beauty regimens. The summer is a great time for a lower maintenance beauty routine that allows our bodies to relax and recover from the harsh winter weather. Give yourself some TLC in the form of a haircare regimen that will have you showing off the thickest hair you’ve ever had by August. Does that seem like a tall order? We’ve got you covered. Follow these easy steps for the thickest hair of your life by the time summer comes to a close:

The Secret to the Thickest Hair You’ve Ever Had

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Thicker hair in just a few months.

A lot of our ideal perfect hair dreams can be boiled down to one very specific wish: thicker hair. There’s a reason the hair extension business is booming – women want to add instant length and thickness to their strands for the appearance of a perfect head of hair. But what if we told you that you skip all the finessing this summer and employ a few easy techniques to naturally transition to thicker strands?

It will be no surprise to you that it all starts in the shower. The way we wash and care for our hair as we clean it sets the tone for how it will look and react. By opting for a wash and care system formulated to add thickness to your strands, you’ll be giving your hair its best shot.

We always suggest TRESemmé Thick and Full Shampoo and TRESemmé Thick and Full Conditioner to women who are looking to thicken their strands. This duo is formulated with glycerol and it helps penetrate and expand each and every hair fiber. The result? Visibly thicker and fuller locks. Slide your usual shampoo and conditioner to the back of your shower shelf and use these two for the duration of the summer. You’ll find that your strands feel thicker after just one use, so imagine how they’ll look after an entire summer!

For those days when you need a little extra lift, you’ll want to run TRESemmé Thick and Full Balm through your damp strands post-shower. This leave-in cream is specifically formulated to give you the grip and lift you’re looking for.

Skip the hot tools as often as possible, spend one night a week at home with a hair mask in and be sure to treat your hair with care this summer. The best way to achieve the healthy and thick hair of your dreams is to treat your strands with care. After that, it just comes down to wearing your strands with confidence and making summer ’18 the best one yet.

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