Looking for the Best Updo For Heavy Thick Hair? Here are 10 Styles to Try Right Now

These updos are hot and super easy to do on thick hair.

For many women, having thick hair can be both a blessing and a curse, and finding an updo for heavy thick hair can sometimes pose a challenge. There are so many thick-haired girls out there who want to find ways to thin their thick hair to make it less full in appearance, while there are others who find ways to embrace their hair’s natural density.

Whatever feelings you have regarding your thick hair, it’s generally a good idea to find hairstyles you love to wear that are easy to create and keep in your arsenal. Read on for some of the cutest updo hairstyles you can try on your thick hair:

Updo for Heavy Thick Hair: 10 Looks We Love

1. Sleek Ponytail

updo for heavy thick hair
It doesn’t get any trendier than a sleek ponytail.

No matter the density of your hair, you should definitely have fun with styling. To get in on the sleek style, part your hair down the center, create a sleek ponytail, then secure it with a hair tie. How easy is that? Try this out as one of your go-to weekend looks.

2. French Braid-Inspired Updo

Can’t stand to think of braiding your thick hair? That’s no excuse for not trying out a French braid inspired hairstyle.

Having thick hair is no excuse not to try some of the fanciest and trendiest styles out there. And maybe braiding your hair takes so much time, you’ve forgone trying braided hairstyles. How about this faux braided updo? It’s very simple to do! Check out our French braid inspired updo tutorial.

3. Mid-Crown Bun

simple hairstyles for busy mornings for curly hair
Try out thick hairstyles that embrace the texture. Photo credit: Dvora

A good midday updo hairstyle when your hair is getting the best of you is the messy bun. Gather your hair up and wrap a hair tie around it. Pull out some pieces to give it a messy and effortless feel.

4. Thick French Braid Bun

On thick hair, braided updos come out full and juicy looking.

If you don’t know how to braid, take this braided hairstyle straight to your nearest braid bar, or try out one of our hair tutorials to help you out. French braid your hair, then braid all the way down to the ends. Wrap the remaining pieces of hair into a thick bun and use hairpins to secure.

5. Thick and Curly Chignon

red hair curly updo
Sexy curly updo on thick hair.

To get a full, volume-packed updo, most gals have to add in a few extensions to get the look. While there’s definitely nothing wrong with that, luckily you may not have this issue. Updos should be used to your advantage, like this fancy curly bun. To achieve this look, start with curling your hair, creating tight ringlet-like curls, then wrap them up into this sophisticated chignon-inspired bun. Secure with hairpins and set it all in place with Dove Style+Care Compressed Extra Hold Hairspray.

6. Dreadlock Bun Updo


Dreadlock bun updo.

Some women with dreads opt for thinner locs, while some opt for thicker versions. Try out this cool dreadlock updo during days when you want to switch up your dreadlocked style. Coat locs with a hair oil like Love Beauty and Planet Hope and Repair Coconut Oil & Ylang Ylang 3-in-1 Benefit Oil for added shine, give your hair a chic upside down braid at the back, then coil the rest of the hair into a high bun.

7. Bow Bun Half-Updo

Half-up Styles
Bow bun half-updo on thick hair.

Having thick hair should be used to your advantage. You get to try out styles most girls wouldn’t dare to due to lack of density to fulfill the look! One such example is this fun bow bun half-updo: On thick hair, the bow bun comes out looking so full and fluffy, which is always a plus. Add some texture to the back section of your hair with a flexible hairspray like Nexxus Maxximum Finishing Mist, which will help you to enhance any waves in your hair.

8. Twists

updos for heavy thick hair twists
Line up your twists.

Embrace your built-in volume with this twisted updo.

9. French Twist

updos for heavy thick hair French twist
It’s a classic for a reason!

This classic hairstyle is one for the ages! Learn how to create a French braid using our easy tutorial.

10. Braided Bun

updos for heavy thick hair braided bun
Create the perfect hybrid style.

Create a blended hybrid of two styles: the Dutch braid and the bun!

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