24 Best Loose Curl Perm Hairstyles for 2019

Fake it till you make it and look fabulous in the process.

Times have changed since perms were a widely talked about hair styling option, but you would probably be surprised to know just how many women still regularly perm their hair. Perms aren’t all ’80s curls and high amounts of volume anymore, either. Loose perm styles have entered the scene, and they could very well be the secret to a very chic hairstyle that’s also shockingly low-maintenance. We’ve created a collection of 24 loose perm styles to inspire you to try a curly style, so read on and get inspired:

1. Short Curls

loose perm short blonde rooted
Rooted blonde hair paired with a curly bob is an instant recipe for chic style.

While perms can often be fun and flirty, pairing a loose perm with a bob is a recipe for a chic and grown-up style.

2. Messy Waves

loose perm messy light blonde long
Go even looser.

A soft and easy look like this is a prime example of how many perm options there are out there. This look is trendy and easy in the best way.

3. Classic Ringlets

loose perm medium length blonde rooted
A more classic kind of curl.

This is likely more in line for what you imagine when you picture perm styles. Classic ringlets are always a good idea.

4. Go Long

loose perm long brunette
Perms work well for long hair, too.

A long tight style like this is a great way to fake natural-looking curls and the longer strands will weigh the curls down for an even looser perm.

5. Chestnut Highlights

loose perm long brunette chestnut highlights
Pair your loose perm with beautiful highlights.

Highlight your perm with a subtle sheen of beautiful chestnut-colored highlights.

6. Low Curls

loose perm chestnut highlights medium length
Perm just the bottom.

Perm just the bottom for a simple and chic look.

7. Extra Volume

loose perm volumized ombre
It’s all in how you style it.

As with most looks, there are a number of ways you can style a perm. Consider add more volume at your roots by adding Dove Style+Care Volume Amplifier Mousse and letting your perm dry naturally.

8. Super Loose

loose perm very loose long brown waves
Consider long and loose waves.

Go for a super loose wave and add some subtle texture to your long strands.

9. Silvery Waves

loose perm silver blonde long waves
Pair color with texture.

Work a few trends into your look by trying messy silvery waves for a mermaid-esque look that we can’t recommend enough.

10. Side Bangs

loose perm side bangs brunette medium
All-over texture is an option, too.

If you’re thinking about trying out a perm because you’re in it for the texture, then ask your stylist to add short layers into your haircut. Side bangs will add even more depth and dimension.

11. Keep It Long

loose perm long loose dark brown curls
Tighter curls work on longer hair, too.

Loose waves are often paired with longer haircuts, but this look is proof that tighter (yet still loose) curls work too.

12. Extra Large Curls

loose perm long brown hair
Curls you could achieve with a large barrel curling iron.

Alternatively, you can opt for large beautiful curls.

13. Honey Blonde Curls

loose perm honey blonde long curls
Highlight your new style with beautiful color.

Draw attention to your gorgeous curls by coloring them in a light and vibrant honey blonde hue.

14. Turned-In Curls

loose perm glam low curls
Ask for curls that turn in instead of out.

A perm style that incorporates curls that turn towards your face instead of away will help you achieve more of an Old Hollywood glam vibe.

15. Frizzy (In a Good Way)

loose perm frizzy long curls brunette
A super natural option.

I think women everywhere breathed a collective sigh of relief when frizzy hair became an on-trend and socially acceptable styling option. Wear your loose perm long and natural to achieve this look.

16. Winter Ready

loose perm dark brunette
Pair a loose perm with a dark gloss.

If it’s wintertime when you get your perm, consider pairing it with a dark gloss for a bold, warm hue.

17. Curling Iron Curls

loose perm curling iron brunette curls
How to look ‘done’ without all the effort.

If you usually spend a significant part of your mornings with your curling iron then you’ll be thrilled when you get this perm. It’s an easy alternative to curling iron curls that give the exact same results.

18. Brushed-Through

loose perm brushed long brown curls
Use this technique on any hair length.

This technique works on any hair length and will change up the look of your perm in an instant. Simply brush through your curls for an alternate texture.

19. Subtle Highlights

loose perm brunette highlights long
Add a touch of glimmer.

Give your perm a slight upgrade by adding small glimmering highlights.

20. ‘S’ Curls

loose perm blonde S curls long
Another classic style.

Ask your stylist for an ‘S’ curl perm and rock this jaw-dropping look for days.

21. (Very) Loose Waves

loose perm blonde loose waves
The softest perm in the collection.

A super soft perm like this will add some texture and a hint of wave to even the straightest hair.

22. The Blonde Bob

loose perm blonde lob
Celebrity-worthy strands.

A blonde bob is a chic way to add instant interest and style to any look.

23. The Perfect Curl

loose perm blonde brushed out medium length curls
Make already thick hair look even thicker.

These medium-sized curls will make thick hair look even thicker and give your hair the perfect doll-like impression. Amp up the volume even more by conditioning and washing your hair with TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner and following that with TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo.

24. Messy Blonde Bob

loose perm messy blonde bob
Add texture to a shorter style.

If you’re getting tired of a short style and are desperately waiting for it to grow out then consider getting a loose perm to add some texture.