These 25 Golden Blonde Looks Will Give You Serious Blonde Envy

Go for gold this season with a golden blonde look.

Call us a bit biased, but maybe there’s a reason why everyone says blondes have more fun. Maybe there’s something about a bright, cheery golden blonde hair color that actually brightens up our days? Whatever the case may be, this honey-hued shade, when done correctly, can fit just about every skin tone and works with any cut you could imagine.

25 Golden Blonde Looks

Don’t believe us? Well then, let these golden blonde hair ideas speak for themselves:

1. Balayage

golden blonde hair ombre
Balayage is the perfect way to transition your hair from a darker shade to a golden blonde.

This style is the most popular and trendy way to incorporate golden blonde hair into your style. This is the laid-back cousin of the more dramatic ombré and creates a small gradient of change from dark roots to lighter ends.

2. Lob

golden blonde hair lob
If you’re not ready for a full-on bob, a lob is the perfect length for switching up your style. Photo credit: Dvora

A lob is a great way to introduce yourself to shorter locks. This is a classic cut that’s been rocked by girls with golden blonde locks for decades, and it’s clear to see why: it looks so fun and flirty!

3. Beach Waves

golden blonde hair beach waves
Golden blonde beach waves will put you in a summertime mindset.

Let your golden hair down in perfect beach waves and embrace your natural texture. You can’t go wrong with a wavy beach texture like this, it works for a big variety of occasions.

4. High Ponytail

golden blonde hair high ponytail
If you want style with minimal effort, just throw your hair in a high ponytail and you’re ready for the day. Photo credit: Dvora

Ponytails are one of the most versatile styles for just about any occasion. If you’re going to the gym, just simply tie up your hair in a high ponytail and head out the door. If you’re getting ready for a night out, add some curls or straighten your hair for a sleek ponytail. Either way, the possibilities are endless!

5. Double Dutch Braids

golden blonde hair double dutch braids
These braids are the best of both worlds: They’re super fun and chic!

Double Dutch braids, also known as “boxer braids,” are the best style to pull off an athleisure look. Whether you’re headed to the boxing ring, or just grabbing a latte at a coffee shop, these braids pull off any comfy-yet-chic vibe.

6. Wispy Bangs

golden blond hair wispy bangs
Feathered bangs with golden honey hair are a match made in hair heaven.

Whether you have long golden locks or a choppy gold-hued bob, wispy bangs can turn any hairstyle from basic to runway chic at any moment. Make them prepped or messy and tousled; either way, they’ll make your hair look sexy and playful.

7. Braided Bun

golden blonde hair braided bun
If you want to show off your exert braiding skills, a braided bun with golden blonde hair is the perfect way to do so.

If you really want to go all out with your hair, then you should try an intricate braided bun. Do a simple braid, or incorporate a few styles in one bun, just make sure you use some hairpins and Dove Style+Care Extra Hold Hair Spray to keep everything in place all day long.

8. Ombré

golden blonde hair ombre
An ombré with golden blonde ends gives a dramatic contrast without being too intense.

If you’re not ready to fully part with your dark hair just yet, then going for an ombré look is the perfect way to have the best of both worlds on your head. The striking gradient from dark roots to light, golden blonde ends is a mesmerizing look that can be pulled off by just about anyone.

9. Fishtail Braid

golden blonde hair fishtail
A fishtail braid is a classic look that makes any hair color look stunning.

Fishtail braids are very simple to create and can make your hair go from blasé to photoshoot-ready glam. These braids work wonderfully for both casual outings and special occasions, giving you a versatile hairstyle that adds a touch of elegance to any look. Plus, they’re an excellent choice for those days when you want to keep your hair out of your face without sacrificing style.

10. Voluminous Curls

Golden Blonde Hair Afro
Spice up your curls with a golden blonde hue.

A two-toned look is perfect for girls with extra-curly hair. It adds extra fun and sass to just about any look, and we’re loving this style. Consider combining bold and contrasting colors to create a striking visual effect that not only embraces your natural curls but also makes a fashion statement that’s bound to turn heads wherever you go.

11. Pixie Cut

golden blonde hair pixie cut
A short and slicked-back pixie cut is the ultimate style for short golden blonde hair.

A short and sweet pixie cut is a great way to make golden blonde hair look playful and sexy. Tousle it up a bit for a messy look, or slick it back with some Bed Head by TIGI Manipulator Matte Wax to get a tamed and sleek look.

12. Straightened

golden blonde hair straight
Straightening your golden blonde locks is the perfect way to style your hair.

A straight hair look is perfect for every outing and can work with just about any hair length. This is a sleek style that can easily be worn from day to night. To maintain its smooth and shiny appearance throughout the day, consider applying a heat protectant spray before using styling tools and finishing with a lightweight hair serum for that added touch of brilliance.

13. Wavy Bob

golden blonde hair wavy bob
A wavy bob is a funky way to dress up your golden blonde hair.

A wavy bob with fringed bangs can give you a rock n’ roll grunge style. Get ready to strap on some combat boots and flannels with this grungy haircut, because you’re going to have a rockin’ night out with this cut.

14. Messy Bun

golden blonde hair messy bun
Have little to no time to get ready? A messy bun is an easy and playful style to do while running out of the house. Photo credit:

If you’re trying to get ready in a pinch, a messy bun can be the answer to your time-constricted styling needs. This look is effortless and can still look put-together without being very messy.

15. Lowlights

golden blonde hair lowlights
Golden blonde lowlights are a great option for girls with naturally light blonde hair. Photo credit:

If your hair is already a light blonde, then adding some golden blonde lowlights is a great way to switch up your style. Getting lowlights can give your blonde hair more stand-out color, definition and even make your hair seem fuller.

16. Natural

golden blonde hair natural
Let your hair flow in its own beautifully natural way! Photo credit: Dvora

Who says you need to actually style your hair to make it flawless? Whether your hair is naturally super curly or pin-straight, your natural hair is part of what makes you beautifully unique, so let it flow!

17. Sombré

golden blonde hair sombre
For a more natural color shift, go for the sombré style.

If you’re not a fan of the drastic color changes of an ombré style, then try out a more subtle sombré. It still has a noticeably gorgeous color change, without the dramatic gradient from roots to ends.

18. Loose Curls

golden blonde hair loose curls
Loose curls paired with golden blonde hair give this look a vintage feel with a modern twist.

These free-flowing curls are a perfect way to give your golden blonde hair a timeless feel. Big, loose curls are a staple style for giving your hair added volume and fullness, and the golden pigment helps create a classic look.

19. Full Bangs

golden blonde hair bangs
For a more dramatic runway-ready look, try out full bangs.

If you want to make your golden blonde hair truly stand out, nothing is more eye-catching than big, bold bangs. Fuller bangs give the appearance of a smaller face and thicker hair, all while adding a touch of a femme-yet-edgy appearance.

20. Sock Bun

golden blonde hair sock bun
This bun is stylish and very simple to make!

A sock bun is a great way to create a bun with extra volume while looking tamed and sleek. Simply roll your hair in a hair donut (or you can D.I.Y. one with an actual tube sock), secure it with pins and Bed Head by TIGI Hard Head Hairspray, and you’re ready to go out and about!

21. Overgrown Roots

golden blonde hair rooted
Whoever said overgrown roots were a bad thing is dead wrong.

Growing out your roots with a natural-looking golden blonde hue gives your hair a multi-toned, sun-kissed look. This low-maintenance style not only adds dimension but also allows you to enjoy the beauty of gradual color transitions, sparing you with frequent touch-ups and keeping your hair healthier in the long run.

22. Box Braids

golden blonde hair box braids
Golden blonde box braids give this look an extra pop of color, and they’re extremely versatile to style and play with.

Golden blonde box braids are absolutely mesmerizing and give your hair added texture. They’re also easy to style: either let your braids down and sway to create a beautiful waterfall effect or put them in a funky bun. There are endless possibilities with this hairstyle!

23. Curtain Fringe Bangs

golden blonde hair fringe bangs
These bangs add a cute and quirky spice to any hairstyle! Photo credit:

These bangs are the middle ground between full and wispy bangs, and they look so fun and quirky. They give just about any hairstyle a hip and cool edge. Whether you’re rocking a pixie cut or long flowing locks, these bangs effortlessly infuse an element of playful sophistication into your look, making them a versatile choice for those seeking a unique style statement.

24. Double Buns

golden blonde hair double buns
These buns are playful and great for day and night. Photo credit: Dvora

Double buns have been a big trend in the hair world, and they tie perfectly with golden blonde hair. You can make them messy and fun, or clean them up and make them sleek. These versatile buns add a touch of playfulness to your style while being an effortless way to keep your golden locks off your face.

25. Side-Swept Bangs

golden blonde hair side swept bangs
Side-swept bangs are a classic look that fits just about anyone’s face shape.

Whether you have short or flowing long locks, side-swept bangs can easily tie into your look. This style paired with golden blonde hair is the ultimate way to keep your hair simply feminine and elegantly put together.

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