Thinking About Going Blonde? Here Are 10 Shades to Inspire You

Proof that going blonde might very well be the right choice for you.

Have you been thinking about going blonde? You’re not alone. Women all over are considering a lighter hue and testing the waters when it comes to golden locks. There are many variations of blonde hair and a range of intensity as far as color goes too. Some opt for a full head of bleach blonde hair, while others go for more subtle highlights. If you’re considering going blonde then these 10 shades are sure to give you major inspiration.

going blonde black hair
Create a striking contrast between your hair color and your skin tone.

1. Natural Blonde Hair

Offset your deep and beautiful skin tone with a light bleach blonde shade of hair. This style will require multiple rounds of bleach to get your hair to this glimmering hue of light blonde, but it’s well worth it. The results are bold and striking in the best way.

going blonde bleach blonde straight bob
The lighter the better.

2. Bleach Blonde Babe

Lighten up with a bleach blonde color and enjoy the life that comes with a head of shockingly bright blonde strands. Be sure to use a shampoo and deep conditioner duo like Suave Professionals Deep Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner to offset the damage done by so many rounds of bleach.

going blonde brassy long waves
Minimal damage, please.

3. Brassy Blonde

If you’re not here for the inevitable damage that comes with exposing your hair to multiple rounds of bleach then you’ll want to opt for a slightly brassy hue. A pro stylist will blend this color seamlessly with your natural color for a polished and trendy look.

going blonde gray blonde medium length hair
Proof that blonde works for all ages.

4. Grayish Blonde

Looking for a trendy hack for masking your graying strands? A light shade of blonde will help create a seamless transition from your gray roots to the rest of your hair. Consider adding a toning spray like Bed Head by TIGI Dumb Blonde Toning Protection Spray to your routine to keep your ashy tone from brassing out.

going blonde grown in roots
Have fun with a balayage style.

5. All Grown In

If you’re worried about keeping up with grown in roots then embrace that stage from the start. By choosing a balayage style, you won’t have to worry about keeping up with frequent salon appointments and you can rest assured that your hair still looks on point.

going blonde highlights long straight
A glowing a vibrant shade of blonde.

6. Strategic Highlights

We can’t think of anyone who would say no to a built-in dose of glimmer. Strategically placed, super light highlights add a touch of striking shine to your strands. Keep your strands smooth and vibrant by applying TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Color Smoothing Serum regularly.

going blonde long waves yellow blonde
The classic of blonde hair colors.

7. Yellow Blonde

This very classic shade of blonde is a breath of fresh air. A bright shade like this is eye-catching and has us considering going blonde ourselves.

going blonde natural looking blonde
Fake it till you make it.

8. “Natural” Blonde

Worried about your blonde strands looking fake? We get that. Opt for a natural shade of blonde and be sure to leave a little brown at the roots for a natural-looking shade of blonde.

rooted blonde going blonde twisted back
A low maintenance style that grows out beautifully.

9. Rooted Blonde

This golden shade of blonde has all the movie star associations while still being super easy to keep up with. That means that it will work for you even if you don’t have a regular glam squad available.

going blonde warm honey long waves
Just a few shades lighter than your natural color.

10. Warm Honey Blonde

Considering going blonde in the winter months and worried about rocking such a light hue? Opt for a warm honey blonde as a winter-appropriate option.