All You Need to Know About Using Leave-in Conditioner

You'll never skip this step again.

We get it: Shampooing and rinsing are the only steps you think you need when you wash your hair. Who needs another step, right? Hair is clean and ready for styling. But what if we told you using a leave-in conditioner for men can actually help with styling your hair? Yes, it’s true. Hair cuticles open when you wash your hair and the use of a conditioner and leave-in conditioner helps seal them back down.

If you’re skipping this step it can make styling a tad harder because the surface of your hair isn’t smooth, causing it to become unmanageable, especially if you have curly or wavy-textured hair. It only takes about a minute or less to use a leave-in conditioner in your hair.

Here’s everything you need to know about the miracle product:

straight brown mens hair leave-in conditioner for men
Use a leave-in conditioner for men to maintain healthy hair and for long lasting conditioning effects. Photo credit: Dvora

Just like a traditional conditioner, leave-in conditioners moisturize hair and make it much easier to manage. Wouldn’t you want manageable hair for your classic quiff, your dapper high and tight hairstyle, or your handsome set of braids? The only difference though, leave-in conditioners are meant to stay on the hair. We know you may be skipping the conditioner in the shower, but we love the idea of using a conditioner and a leave-in conditioner, especially if you have a head full of hair longer than an inch or so.

Conditioner helps restore moisture in your hair after the shampoo process, and then a leave-in conditioner adds even more of that good stuff! If you suffer from a dry scalp it can also help with keeping your scalp moisturized, preventing that tight and dry feeling. Your leave-in conditioner can also take the place of your styling products, which is great for days when you run out of your precious pomade.

Anyone can and should reap the benefits of using a leave-in conditioner. It seals in moisture, enhances hair’s elasticity and detangles—great problem-solvers for any hair type. However, if you’re concerned about the overall health of your hair, definitely add it to your hair care routine. Activities like swimming can wreak havoc on your hair as the chlorine can dry your hair out, which makes styling a struggle. And not to mention that some of your hairstyles can be drying too: Slathering on massive amounts of hair gel to get a smooth man bun dries out your hair strands. Replenishing hair with a leave-in conditioner after washing is recommended.

When picking a leave-in conditioner, there isn’t really a specific one that’s better for men vs. women. All leave-in conditioners help to moisturize your hair, but there are some targeted for more specific issues, like dull hair, split ends and extreme hydration. We love The Good Stuff Intensive Nourishment Cream for dull and dry hair. This leave-in conditioner, formulated with coconut oil, will strengthen and moisturize your hair.

If you’re dealing with damaged tresses or split ends, use Bed Head By TIGI Ego Boost Split End Mender. This is a great leave-in conditioner to use because it helps repair and prevent damage from environmental elements.

Does your hair need extreme hydration? Opt for an avocado and olive oil based leave-in conditioner. We love Suave Professionals Avocado + Olive Oil Smoothing Leave-in Conditioner because it leaves your hair very smooth and soft. It also helps eliminate frizz.

Step 1: Apply After Washing Hair

Whether you skipped the conditioning step or not, apply leave-in conditioner throughout your hair after washing with a shampoo like Suave Men Daily Clean Ocean Charge Shampoo. Apply a dime-sized amount of leave-in conditioner throughout your hair, and then comb through the distribute evenly. 

Step 2: Air-dry or Blow-dry

Whichever way you plan to dry your hair is up to you. In a hurry? Blow-dry! Make sure to dry your hair in the direction you wish to have your hair styled. Left? Right? Front and center? Your pick. Next, style your hair and then you’re all set!

How to Use for Daily Styling

A leave-in conditioner can also be used as a great styling product! Most guys prefer not to use gels or pomades for styling. They would rather do without the waxy feeling or shiny finish from these products. Maybe you’re all out of your staple hair wax or cream? Apply a dime-sized amount of leave-in conditioner to your hair for a slight hold and a little texture to your hairstyle. You’ll be left with the benefits of a leave-in conditioner, but won’t have to deal with that sticky or tight feeling other products tend to provide.

After applying the product you can comb or brush your hair the way you want it to be styled, or blow-dry to keep your finished look in place. 

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