Men’s Hair Gel: Why This is Your New Go-to Product, Plus Styles to Try

Ready to try out a new way to define your look? Check out these styles that incorporate hair gel into your look.

Hair products for dudes are so important. We know, we know you don’t have the time or effort to figure out the right products for your hair. But, hear us out: the right products, like men’s hair gel, can allow you to achieve many different styles without having to do all that much. Sounds awesome, right?!

With the hold of gel, you can create everything from defined styles to casual looks; it’s sure to become one of your go-to products. Read on to learn how to use and create some of our favorite styles with men’s hair gel.

Why You Should Start Using Men’s Hair Gel

When you think of hair gel, slicked back, stiff styles probably come to mind. But that’s not always the case! You can use gel to create softer looks, like a quiff and pompadour. Plus, you can even use it to define curly strands. You’re definitely not limited to one look with this product, which is why it’s such a great go-to to have on hand.

How to Use Hair Gel

Incorporating hair gel into your everyday styling routine is super easy to do. If you want a messy texture, use a lightweight gel. If you want a style, like spikes, you’ll want to use a medium hold gel. A thick, strong hold gel is best to use when you want a sleek, slicked-back look.

For all looks, you’ll want to start with a dime to quarter-sized amount of product depending on the length of hair you have. You can always build the product, so it’s better to start with a small amount. After you have your gel, you’ll want to work it into your fingertips and rake through your hair. Then, style according to the look you’re going for.

1. Tousled Quiff With Men’s Hair Gel

how to create hairstyles with men's hair gel
Easy/breezy styles with gel. Photo credit:

This casual style is one of our favorites every time! To create a rough, tousled quiff, use a high hold gel to enhance the shine of your curls as it works to define your curls. We love using Bed Head for Men by TIGI Power Play Firm Finish Gel.

To achieve this look, apply a dime-sized amount of gel onto your wet, freshly washed hair. Comb your hair back with your fingers to apply the gel and set your style. The messier, the better when going for this easy weekend style.

2. Edgy Angular Quiff

how to create hairstyles with men's hair gel
Hairstyles with gel that are little edgy. Photo credit:

For an edgier men’s hairstyle, you can try this slicked-down quiff. It’s an over-the-top look that’s actually pretty easy to do!

Apply the gel liberally to the top half of your hair, then comb the center section of your hair downwards and smooth down with your fingers. Then, use a comb to create two straight parts on the sides of your head and brush upwards. To complete the look, brush the sides of your hair down.

3. Modern Pompadour With Men’s Hair Gel

how to create hairstyles with men's hair gel
Pompadour styles just got an upgrade. Photo credit:

Wearing a pompadour doesn’t need to be a vintage ’50s look. We’re totally digging this modern take that’s much more low-key. It’s a softer style with more texture–perfect for a casual look.

For this style, use Dove Men+Care Control Gel.  It has the perfect balance of hold to work for this style, but won’t make your hair too stiff. To style, first, you need to use a blowdryer to work your hair into the pompadour shape. Then, style with the gel applied to your fingertips. By setting your hair roughly with the gel tones, it down this old school style.

4. Curly Fringe

how to create hairstyles with men's hair gel
Define those curls. Photo credit:

Curly hair and gel go hand in hand. We love to use gel in curly strands because it holds your natural hair texture so nicely. To get this cool piecey fringe look, use AXE Spiked-up Look: Extreme Hold Gel. You’ll want the high hold to make those specific pieces stand out. And that is exactly how you create this style! You use the gel to coat individual curls to set them apart in your hair.

5. Slicked-Back Hair

how to create hairstyles with men's hair gel
We had to, right? Photo credit:

We had to include the slicked-back hair! It’s a classic style that will always look cool and laid-back. Create this style by using Bed Head for Men Power Play Gel. Apply the product liberally to your hair and comb backward. You can leave the comb marks for an extra ’80s look. Or, to go for a smoother style, just slick down your hair with your fingers instead.

6. Defined Curls

how to create hairstyles with men's hair gel
Define those curls, gents. Photo credit:

We’re 100 percent into dudes wearing their natural hair textures this year. If you’ve got gorgeous curls like these, you can define them with hair gel, like the AXE Messy Look: Matte Gel. Use the gel to coat your wet hair and hold those natural curls in place as your hair dries.

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