15 Fresh Hairstyles For Curly-Haired Men

Let your curls roam free.

Curls for men can be pretty hard to maintain. When grown out the wrong way, they can look like a sloppy, mop-headed mess. Don’t let your style fall through the crack, tame it up with one of these fresh new hairstyles. Letting your curly strands stand out will elevate your style and look instantly. So, let your natural curls be the star of your latest cut with one of these cool looks.

Curls For Men: 15 Curl-Taming Styles

curls for men faded sideburns
A side fade can tie any curls for men hairstyles together.

1. Faded Side Burns

Let your curls at the crown of your head take the spotlight while your side burns stay tamed and groomed.

curls for men short
Short, sweet and to the point.

2. Short Curls

This short and simple style is great for any look. Keep your curls tamed and styled all day long with AXE Natural Look: Understated Cream.

curls for men messy man bun
The messier the better.

3. Messy Man Bun

Keep your style as easy going and laid back as you are with this effortlessly messy man bun.

curls for men gelled
Define your curls with some gel.

4. Gelled Curls

Give your curls a glossed, high-shine appearance with some hair gel. Our favorite gel for creating this look is Dove Men+Care Control Gel.

curls for men bangs
Some short bangs will give your hair some added fullness.

5. Bangs

Curls for men always stand out with some bangs. Get a fuller, thicker appearance with this look.

curls for men messy high top
Give your high top style a modern twist.

6. Messy High Top

Not into the clean cut look? If you’re a strong believer in the idea that curls for men shouldn’t be tamed, then try out this messy twist on the class high top style.

curls for men headband
Add a headband to keep your curls styled and under control.

7. Headband

If you’re in a hurry, grabbing a headband is a fast and simple way to give your curly hair a cool hipster look.

curls for men overgrown crop
Let your curls grow out to create this overgrown crop style.

8. Overgrown Crop

Give your crop style a fun, full-bodied look by letting your curls grow. Give it a messy look like above by using AXE Urban Messy Look: Flexible Paste.

curls for men buzzed curls
Buzz them down for a barely-there look.

9. Buzzed Curls

If you want a style that’s easy to maintain, then check out this buzzed curl look.

curls for men side part
Give your hair an added look of fullness with a side part.

10. Side Part

Give your already voluminous curls a boost of fullness by parting it to the side. A middle part can make curls for men fall flat, so give them a fuller look with this simple switch up.

curls for men classic man bun
Nothing beats this classic curls for men style.

11. Classic Man Bun

Men’s hairstyles 101: just about anyone can rock the classic man bun.

curls for men long
When in doubt, grown ’em out.

12. Long Curls

Let your curls roam free by growing them out.

curls for men tussled
Go fro the bed head look.

13. Tussled

Create a relaxed look by tussling your curls with AXE Spiked-Up Look: Extreme Hold Gel.

curls for men afro
Rock your natural curls in this afro.

14. Afro

Let your natural style wander freely in this cool ‘fro.

curls for men designed side fade
Stand out from the crowd with a cool designed fade.

15. Designed Side Fade

Want a look that’s truly unique? Then get a cool design shaved into your fade. Whether it’s simple lines like above or an intricate masterpiece, your style will reach new levels of coolness with these looks.

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