Need a new hair regimen?
Need a new hair regimen?

The Caesar Haircut: The Hunky ’90s Trend Making a Comeback

This O.G. of a throwback STILL stands the test of time.

Getting bored of your man bun? Or perhaps you’re looking to change up your slicked-back ‘do for something a little shorter and more dapper? You may have tried all sorts of fades, flat-top and lo-hawk styles, but if there was one look we can guarantee you haven’t even given a second thought to, it would be the Caesar haircut.

Made popular back in the ’90s, we originally attribute this edgy, slightly cyber-punky hairstyle to ancient Rome, specifically, Julius Caesar. The cropped, wavy cut with a micro fringe is a look, alright, but on the right facial structure and with the right proportions, it’s definitely got a certain brand of star power. Here at ATH HQ, along with professional stylists, are convinced the caesar haircut is one to keep on your hair radar. Neat, handsome, and genuinely low-maintenance, there’s nothing you won’t like about this haircut.

Ready to learn what exactly this haircut is, how you can ask your stylist for it, and how to easily style the cut? Keep scrolling to learn everything you need to know about the Caesar haircut.

Need a new hair regimen?

What is a Caesar Haircut?

caesar haircut curly hair
The classic Caesar haircut features wavy/curly micro bangs. Photo credit:

Essentially a Caesar haircut is a short, all-around cut with a brief fringe. This style comes with a lot of history. As the name suggests, the style was named after its most famous ambassador Julius Caesar, who adopted this tight cut with blunt bangs as his signature look. And no, it wasn’t purely for fashion reasons; he too was balding and this was a great hairstyle for concealing it.

Aside from the foolproof styling, another great advantage of the Caesar cut is that—thanks to the fringe—it’s a great one for gents suffering from thinning locks and/or receding hairlines. Plus, it’s low maintenance and one of the most versatile options that can work well with straight or wavy textures, and on thick or thin hair.

How to ask for the Caesar

If you’re after a classic Caesar, ask your barber to keep the length—which should be no longer than 1-2 inches—even all the way around. There are however a number of modern variations on the cut that is worth considering if you want to make it more 21st century-appropriate.

caesar haircut light brown
A more modern version of the look involves a slightly longer fringe and a softer undercut on the sides. Photo credit:

A more contemporary and increasingly popular take on the Caesar is to taper or fade the back and sides while keeping the top flat and traditional. For a more directional look, try it with an undercut, but if you really want to elevate the cut and inject it with a cool, youthful spirit, we suggest adding in a bit of that messy texture on top, while keeping the sides just a tad longer with some choppiness built-in. Now that’s what we call the Caesar haircut 2.0.

How to style the Caesar Haircut

Unlike several currently trending men’s hairstyles, which require additional volume, dramatic slicking back, or building height, the Caesar cut calls for a much simpler approach to styling. All you need is a good hair product and a fine comb. Try Dove Men+Care Sculpting Paste for a reworkable matte finish with prominent texture, or Bed Head for Men by TIGI Slick Trick Pomade for a sleeker look. The trick is to create the style while your hair’s still damp and to apply the product prior to combing.

caesar haircut natural
Curly or natural hair look extra sharp with the Caesar cut hairline. Photo credit:

For a neat, slick look, use your fingers to evenly distribute the product all over your hair. Start combing from the crown of your head to the front to create a fringe. Do the same to the sides, and either leave the back or comb it down for maximum tidiness. If a softer, more casual, less uniform outcome is what you’re after, use AXE Urban Messy Look: Flexible Paste to rough up the texture at the top, while keeping the back and sides neat for a cool contrast.

In need of more inspo? Check out these variations of the hairstyle below.

1. Classic Caesar Haircut

guy with Caesar haircut

Go for a classic style. A traditional Caesar haircut like this is a style you can’t go wrong with. If you’re wanting bangs with a short style, this is the perfect look to go for!

2. Messy Caesar Haircut

guy with caesar haircut full fringe
Try out a fuller fringe.

Take a modern approach to the Caesar haircut by opting for a textured look. Use a paste to add a slightly messy texture to your bangs.

3. Side-Swept Caesar Haircut


guy with side swept caesar haircut
Try out a side-swept look.

Another approach to the Caesar haircut is a side-swept look. If your fringe is starting to grow out, brush it to the side to achieve this look.

4. Sleek Fringe Haircut

guy with sleek caesar haircut
Try out a sleek option.

A sleek Caesar haircut like this is perfect for anyone who’s wanting a short hairstyle.

5. Full Fringe Caesar Haircut

guy with full bangs and caesar haircut
Try out this haircut with fuller bangs.

Have thicker hair? If you have thick strands and your bangs are starting to grow out, but you’re just not ready to part with the length yet, try out a variation of the Caesar haircut that has full bangs with it.

Whether you opt for a classic caesar haircut or you try out a textured variation, this style is perfect for anyone wanting a short style.

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