Mohawk Fade: The Men’s Hairstyle That Works With All Hair Types

The style that's guaranteed to work on your hair type.

We often recommend choosing a new hairstyle based on your particular hair type. This guarantees a flattering look, the easiest styling routine possible and a worry-free hair experience overall. The mohawk fade is one particular trend that works for every single hair type, and that’s why it’s at the top of our list. The name says it all: A mohawk fade combines a mohawk (or fauxhawk) with a fade so you can wear two trends in one very current look. Curious about how you can wear the mohawk fade and whether it will really work for your hair type? Read on for some major hairstyle inspiration:

1. A Subtle Fade

mohawk fade thick hair styled brunette
A solution for all the thick-haired guys.

Don’t worry about sacrificing your thicker strands to a full-on fade. Instead, opt for a more subtle option that lets you get in on this trend while still showing off your beautiful, thick strands.

2. The Single Curl

mohawk fade styled full beard
Pull a few more trends into the mix.

If you’re willing to try something a little bolder, then this is the look for you. The single curl is a slightly more styled take on the mohawk portion, while the full beard adds a touch of modern trend to the overall look.

3. Natural Hair

mohawk fade spiked up natural hair
The mohawk fade for natural hair.

Wear your hair natural and shape it into a mohawk that slowly transitions into the fade portion of the style.

4. Overgrown

mohawk fade overgrown asian hair
Grow it up and out.

An overgrown fade is still a fade! If you’re not up for buzzing your strands off then you might want to consider a slightly more grown out style. Use Dove Men+Care Control Gel to give your hair this gravity-defying effect.

5. Spiked Up

mohawk fade medium brown spiked hair
Settle in for a mini lesson on hair gel.

If you’re looking for a product that leads in the strength department, consider spiking up your strands with Bed Head for Men by TIGI Power Play Firm Finish Gel. This product doesn’t mess around and will keep your hair styled all day and night.

6. Full Mohawk

mohawk fade brunette stubble full mohawk
Opt for a mohawk that extends all the way back.

Choose a full-on mohawk that extends to the nape of your neck, and pair it with a classic fade to nail this trend head on.

7. The Braided Man Bun

mohawk fade braids black hair ponytail
A mini braided man bun keeps your mohawk style in check.

If you don’t want to sacrifice your length or your braids, consider shaving the sides of your head and leaving your strands long on top. This mohawk-esque look also allows you to rock a braided man bun.

8. High Shine

mohawk fade blonde high shine
Use this simple trick to amp up your shine factor.

Draw even more attention to your new style by adding a touch of shine. Run Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smoothing Hair Serum through your strands to add some extra shine and softness to your hair.

9. Closely Shaved

mohawk fade beard barber brunette
Go all in.

Ask your barber for a buzzed fade to really make your mohawk pop.

10. Combed Up

mohawk fade asian combed up
Use a simple hair comb to style your strands.

Use a simple hair comb to brush your hair upwards for a style that will hide thinning strands and give you a little extra height.

The Faded Mohawk: How to Get it Right

faded mohawk black hair man closely shaved beard
How to make sure you and your barber are speaking the same language.

1. Find the right barber.

Search for barbers who specialize in modern styles. You’ll want to make sure they have done this look multiple times and understand the request for your mohawk fade.

2. Bring in a picture.

Visuals are everything with this distinctive look. Do your homework, ask your friends for advice, and of course, check out our hair galleries for some inspiration. Visuals show your barber exactly what kind of mohawk you’re trying to achieve, including the length of your hawk and amount you want to fade.

3. Explain the look.

Once you’ve shown the stylist the picture of the look you want, make sure to also explain the style. How short or long you want the sides to be cut should be discussed thoroughly. Be vocal and clear about what your expectations are.

4. Make sure you have the right length.

Before arriving at the barbershop or salon, the hair on the crown should have some length (at least one-inch long). The crest of the mohawk fade can be long and go directly to the back of your head or you can have it short. With a little bit of length, you’ll discover that the variations are endless.

5. Get the style down.

After you get your mohawk fade, ask your barber questions about what products he is using. Make sure you understand how the wax, gel, paste and/or pomade works to maintain the look and style in your hair. For everyday styling, try using Dove Men+Care Defining Pomade as its formula is non-greasy, enabling you to create a defined finish.

6. Keep up the style.

To have an amazing mohawk fade haircut, occasional trips to your hairstylist will be mandatory. Ask your barber how often you should go back to both maintain the look or what to do if you should want to grow it out. You’ll also need to keep your look trimmed and polished by washing and conditioning it regularly.

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